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10 Best Altcoins to Invest and Buy Ahead of Next Altcoin Season That Will Pump by 25X


During the bear/bull cycles that occur in the crypto market, there is a period where altcoins start to increase exponentially in their respective values, thus offering massive gains to investors and traders in the market. This period is often termed, “the altcoin season.”

Altcoin seasons are often the best times to sit back and enjoy solid gains from your investments. However, before that can happen, you must already have certain feature-rich cryptocurrencies in your portfolio. Some of these tokens include, FightOut, Dash 2 Trade, C+Charge, RobotEra, Calvaria, IMPT, Lucky Block, Tamadoge, and Battle Infinity.

Without further ado, let’s consider the best ten altcoins capable of providing X25 in the next altcoin season.

  1. FightOut
  2. Dash 2 Trade
  3. C+Charge
  4. RobotEra
  5. Calvaria
  7. Lucky Block
  8. Tamadoge
  9. Battle Infinity
  10. Solana

FightOut (FGHT)


FightOut is a new move-to-earn fitness app that provides beneficial workout routines which improve your well-being and reward you for your active participation. This M2E platform rewards you with $REPS which you can exchange for training gear, fitness apparel, and membership discounts.

Also, FightOut provides access to its primary utility token, $FGHT, which you can utilize to earn more $REPS. Holders of $FGHT can also enjoy staking benefits and have access to the platform’s Metaverse.

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Dash 2 Trade (D2T)

Dash 2 Trade Raises $9 million

Dash 2 Trade is a new crypto analytics platform that equips crypto users with essential trading tools that enable them to develop market-beating strategies. Users can interact with these tools via the D2T dashboard, which is subscription-based and payable by $D2T tokens.

Thus, you gain access to a bespoke scoring system for ICOs, trading signals, listing alerts, on-chain metrics, strategy builder & tester, and social indicators. The use of $D2T tokens as a means of subscription enables the platform to grow in value and increase the token’s demand.

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C+Charge (CCHG)


C+Charge aims to revolutionize the carbon credit market by reducing carbon emissions and rewarding Electric Vehicle (EV) drivers with carbon credits which were previously available to big corporations. This platform provides a unique payment solution that allows you to pay for your EV charges at any charging station using $CCHG tokens.

While these tokens significantly reduce high charge prices, users also benefit by earning carbon credits. These carbon credits are then tokenized as NFTs, which you can trade or hold.

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RobotEra (TARO)


RobotEra is a new metaverse platform which invites you to explore a virtual world and enjoy numerous earning opportunities. RobotEra equips you with RobotNFTs, which you can use to purchase and develop lands as your imagination takes you.

The metaverse world is still a fascinating topic among crypto fans. As you engage in quests and events in its virtual world, you earn crypto rewards; $TARO and NFTs. Interestingly, these rewards can be exchanged for cash or staked to earn passive income.

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Calvaria (RIA)

Calvaria (RIA)

Calvaria is a blockchain-based battle card game where you own powerful mystical characters and utilize them on the battlefield. In this Calvaria game, you employ various card combinations to gain a competitive advantage against your enemies and earn fantastic rewards.

Calvaria rewards you with its $RIA tokens, which you can use to upgrade your battle card deck or exchange for cash. Also, you can stake $RIA tokens to earn passive income and engage in DAO governance.

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IMPT is a newly listed crypto project aiming to solve an urgent climate change crisis. By implementing a carbon offset program, you can connect with thousands of socially responsible brands and engage in thousands of eco-friendly projects while earning carbon credits.

You can purchase carbon credits using the platform’s utility token, $IMPT. When you stack these credits, you can tokenize them as NFTs, which you can trade or hold. You can also retire your earned carbon credits and receive a higher-value collectible NFT.

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Lucky Block (LBLOCK)

Lucky Block

Another impressive altcoin to consider is Lucky Block, the top NFT competition platform. Lucky Block utilizes blockchain technology to create a fair competition platform where you can partake in and earn $LBLOCK tokens.

Via Lucky Block, you can also own a collection of unique NFTs and earn passive rewards while you hold them. This token has the potential to provide high prices to its investors in the next alt season.

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Tamadoge (TAMA)


Tamadoge is a play-to-earn ecosystem where you can engage in a virtual environment called Tamaverse and groom your digital pet. By utilizing NFT technology, you can upgrade your pet using items purchased from the Tamadoge store.

When you engage your pet and pitch it against other opponents, you win and improve your leaderboard ranking, thus earning Dogepoints. The more Dogepoints you make, Tamadoge rewards you with its utility token, $TAMA. Tamadoge has seen impressive potential in its NFT collection and numerous exchange listings, which could cause its price to skyrocket in the next altcoin season.

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Battle Infinity (IBAT)

Battle Infinity

Battle Infinity is a unique NFT metaverse game that has gained popularity since it entered the market. On the platform, you can join the IBAT Premier League and build teams to compete against other players to earn $IBAT tokens.

Battle Infinity enables you to access its Metaverse with unique VR headsets in the battle arena, which provides a real-time experience with other users. You can purchase unique NFTs in Battle Infinity’s marketplace using the $IBAT token, thus providing extra utility value as a holder.

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Solana (SOL)

Solana is one of the most-sought altcoins, which introduced NFT markets where users gained massive wealth during the last bullish run. Dubbed the Ethereum killer, Solana has proven itself in its speed, efficiency, and scalability. Moreover, Solana offers cheaper and faster transactions than Ethereum, which has seen remarkable success.

Despite the negative outcome of the crypto market, Solana is still a top ten crypto capable of providing impressive gains in the market.

Final Thoughts

Look at that! These ten altcoins are ready to deliver massive gains in the next altcoin season. These crypto projects have shown by their use cases that they can offer and provide massive pumps to their crypto traders and investors. Therefore, now is the time to line your portfolio with these altcoins while you sit back and enjoy incredible gains in the crypto market.

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