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10 DC Villains With Too Many Powers

DC Comics has created the most powerful heroes in comics, both for power level and amount of powers. The villains are often more powerful than the heroes, in order to make it even more of a challenge, and some of them also have many different powers as well, allowing them to challenge the heroes in ways that other villains can’t.

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Some villains are skilled with their powers and others aren’t, which is often lucky for the heroes. These villains have abilities for days. Reverse Flash and Darkseid can keep their heroic foes guessing, often creating epic battles that have sometimes changed the DC multiverse.

10/10 Perpetua Has The Power To Create Multiverses

Perpetua wears her twisted crown and sits on her celestial throne in DC Comics

DC’s females villains can be quite formidable, but the most dangerous was Perpetua. She was a Hand, a member of a race of beings that created multiverses. She created the DC multiverse and she hated her people, so she tried to weaponize her creation against them. With the help of her children the Monitor, the Anti-Monitor, and the World-Builder, the Hands imprisoned her outside the multiverse.

She returned when the Source Wall was broken and attacked the multiverse. Perpetua basically has every power imaginable. She’s greater than gods and can do pretty much anything she can think of. She defeated the heroes every time they fought, but she lost to the Batman Who Laughs when he gained the powers of Doctor Manhattan.

9/10 Blackbriar Thorn Magic Makes Him Formidable Foe

DC Blackbriar Thorn

The Justice Society battled some powerful foes, but few of them could match Blackbriar Thorn. The ancient druid was a master of magic, using his powers to fight Romans. He survived the centuries as a being of living wood and awakened in the present. He’s battled Superman, Etrigan, and Alan Scott and the Justice Society.

Blackbriar Thorn can regenerate his body from a single sliver and control plant life to an extent. He’s also unbelievably strong and has many magical abilities, including chronokinesis, size alteration, geokinesis, weather manipulation, illusion casting, and possession.

8/10 Wotan Has Been A Magical Titan Since Prehistoric Times

Wotan smiling with his hand covered in magic fire in DC comics

Wotan has been alive for millennia. Originally a woman who was assaulted by men, she learned magic and became an immortal, jumping bodies and becoming more powerful over the centuries. She’d possess the bodies of men and woman, eventually taking on the name Wotan, after the Germanic king of the gods.

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In the modern day, Wotan battled the Justice League with their magical mastery. Anyone who’s spent millennia mastering has powers that few can imagine. Wotan has shown the ability to fly, various mental powers, the ability to manipulate magical energy, controlled reincarnation, the ability to create force fields, and so much more.

7/10 Reverse Flash’s Negative Speed Force Powers Are Formidable

Reverse Flash runs with red lightning from DC Comics.

The Flash has faced powerful enemies, with Reverse Flash wreaking havoc on Barry Allen’s life for years. Allen eventually killed him, but he was resurrected by the White Lantern and immediately ran back in time. The man from the future learned that he was imbued with the power of the Negative Speed Force, and used those abilities to torment his old enemy.

Reverse Flash gained multiple powers from the Negative Speed Force, including super speed, super strength, super agility, super reflexes, super stamina, a special aura that protects him from friction and gives him super durability, the ability to travel through dimensions and time, accelerated healing, electrokinesis, and molecular acceleration. All of that shows why he’s such a dangerous foe.

6/10 Eclipso Was Once The Angel Of Wrath

An image of Eclipso cracking a menacing smile in DC Comics

Some DC villains have laughable names, like Eclipso. However, laughing at Eclipso is a huge mistake. Eclipso was once the Angel of God’s Wrath, responsible for the Biblical Flood. He was kicked out of his job because he enjoyed causing human suffering too much. Imprisoned in the Heart of Darkness black diamond, he’s been able to possess anyone who’s in contact with the diamond.

Eclipso isn’t as powerful as he used to be, but he’s still very formidable. He has super strength, super durability, flight, energy manipulation abilities, weather powers, various mental powers, mind control, and possession. Eclipso is a team buster, with even the most powerful heroes falling to him.

5/10 Mordru Is A Lord Of Chaos

DC Comics Mordru Smiling

DC’s magic users are vastly powerful. Magical energy is quite potent, with the Lords of Chaos and Order presiding over parts of it. Mordru is a Lord of Chaos and has existed for ages. His existence first became known in the far future. Mordru was the most powerful sorcerer of the 31st century, battling the Legion of Super-Heroes. In the present, he’d end up battling the Justice Society and almost conquered the Earth.

Mordru is a master of magic. He’s spent millennia learning a variety of skills, including multiple mental abilities, energy manipulation abilities, immortality, teleportation, healing, superhuman strength and durability, flight, matter transmutation, and much more. On his own, Mordred is more than a match for many heroes.

4/10 Darkseid Is The God Of Evil

DC Comics' Darkseid

DC has many ruthless villains, but few of them can match Darkseid. The Lord of Apokolips is the God of Evil. He believes that all creation should bend to his will, which is why his goal has always been to find the Anti-Life Equation. However, even without Darkseid is an incredibly dangerous foe.

Darkseid’s powers include super strength many times greater than a Kryptonian’s, super durability, super speed, super reflexes, and super stamina. He can channel amazing energies and is most known for his eyebeams like the Omega Effect and Omega Sanction. He’s a powerful telepath and telekinetic, has cosmic awareness, chronokinesis, necromancy, size alteration, and more.

3/10 General Zod Is A Powerful Kryptonian

General Zod with Ursa, Lor-Zod and the Eradicator from DC Comics.

General Zod was once Krypton’s greatest soldier. He tried to overthrow the Kryptonian government and was imprisoned in the Phantom Zone before the planet was destroyed. Awakened years later, he ended up attacking the Earth in order to make a new Krypton, battling Superman.

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Under a yellow sun, Zod has all the powers of Superman. He has super strength, super durability, flight, super speed, super senses, heat vision, and freeze breath. Zod is made all the more dangerous because of his combat training, allowing him to challenge Superman like few other villains out there.

2/10 The Anti-Monitor Is A Multiverse-Ending Threat

DC Comics' heroes battle the Anti-Monitor in Crisis on Infinite Earths

Many DC villains are killers, but few can match the kill count of Anti-Monitor. The son of Perpetua and brother to the Monitor and the World-Forger, the Anti-Monitor set out to destroy the entirety of the multiverse. His rampage ended countless universes and his battles against the heroes showed how powerful he was.

The Anti-Monitor is fueled by anti-matter and he can manipulate it anyway he wishes. He has vast strength and durability, can absorb energy, change his size, travel between dimensions, and more. His powers made him into a nearly unstoppable force.

1/10 Superboy-Prime Has All The Power Of Pre-Crisis Kryptonians

DC Comics' Superboy-Prime looking menacing with his eyes glowing red

Superman has defeated powerful foes, but the most surprising is Superboy-Prime. Prime was a hero of the first Crisis, his vast power allowing him to help Earth-2 Superman and Alexander Luthor to defeat the Anti-Monitor. He and Luthor returned as villains and Prime became a killer, his power level making him nearly unbeatable.

Prime has all the same powers of Superman, but since he’s a pre-Crisis Kryptonian, he’s much more powerful. On top of that, he almost certainly has the more silly powers that Superman used to have in the Silver Age. Unfortunately, he died before he could use powers like super-ventriloquism.

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