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11 Best Celebrity-Owned Bourbon Brands, Ranked

Since 2018, when American folk music icon Bob Dylan collaborated with Heaven’s Door distiller Ryan Perry, bourbon aficionados have been singing the award-winning drink’s praises (via InsideHook). There are several batches of this bourbon, including bootleg series II, which is aged 15 years before being transferred to Jamaican pot still rum casks. 

While Dylan allows the distiller to handle the bourbon, as a full partner, he contributes his artistry to marketing and branding campaigns in the form of his image, song lyrics, poetry, and paintings. Indeed, one of Dylan’s paintings is featured on the Bootleg Series Vol II bottle. 

According to Forbes, the collaboration came about after Dylan trademarked the term “Bootleg Whiskey” for some unreleased recordings. After learning of this, the current CEO of Heaven’s Door reached out to Dylan. Dylan’s song “Knocking on Heaven’s Door” inspired the name of the brand. The original Tennessee straight bourbon was followed up by the release of the 10-year-old bourbon and the aforementioned 15-year-old blend. 

The whiskey is sourced from various producers in the U.S., and it has won more than 35 awards. It has all the classic bourbon notes of baking spices and sugars. Additionally, we also experience herbaceous and earthy notes related to the percentage of rye in the distillation and filtration process.

This is, quite simply, the best celebrity-owned bourbon on the market today. 

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