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11 Best Limoncello Brands, Ranked

Founded in 1821 by Girolamo Luxardo, Luxardo is the ultimate Italian luxury gastronomy company. Luxardo is still family-owned. The company prides itself in offering exceptional specialty foods and beverages in its prestigious range of goods. Luxardo is one of the oldest European spirits and liqueur brands and adheres to techniques and traditions established by its founder. Luxardo simply means luxury. Luxardo is famous for its 110% natural plump and juicy Maraschino cherries, reportedly the first maraschino cherry of its kind. The brand produces sumptuous spirits and liqueurs such as maraschino cherry liqueur, gin, sambuca, triple sec, antico, and bitters, using the freshest and best quality ingredients it can find. Mixologists and chefs look to Luxardo to elevate their cocktails. Pastry chefs prize Luxardo flavorings, distillates, and infusions for their art-worthy confections.

It is no surprise that Luxardo limoncello tops the list when it comes to quality. Crafted from flawless Amalfi and Sorrento lemons, Luxardo adds juicy pulp to the macerating lemon peels, giving its limoncello an extra edge of aromatics, flavor, and a rich golden color. Luxardo limoncello dates back to 1905, when the family first advertised the recipe, and still followed today. It is a gorgeous, zesty, pungent liqueur tempered with just a hint of sweetness, nearing limoncello-sipping perfection. Luxardo limoncello is exactly what for true limoncello connoisseurs crave.

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