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12 Types Of Boozy Cupcakes You May Not Have Heard Of

Tequila might seem like it belongs inside a salt-rimmed glass rather than a sweet cupcake. However, if one thing is true about tequila, it’s that people are constantly inventing new ways to use it. This unique Mexican liquor has been evolving for centuries, dating as far back as 300 A.D. 

According to Tales of the Cocktail Foundation, the Aztecs developed an early version of tequila called “pulque,” which they used both as a fertility drug and a part of their religious sacrifices. 

In the late 18th century, modern tequila was finally created and commercialized by the Cuervo family. And, as per Texas Monthly, the creativity of Mexican bartenders in the 1900s ushered in a wave of tequila drinks. The iconic margarita, for example, was invented by Pancho Morales in 1942.

Because of its ever-changing history, tequila is the perfect liquor to use in exciting new recipes. This tequila lime pound cake recipe, for one, makes excellent cupcakes, and it is perfect to use with a group that truly loves the taste of liquor. 

Unlike some boozy cupcake recipes, which exclusively add spirits to the frosting, this recipe calls for adding tequila directly into the cake batter. This means that there’s no avoiding the taste of tequila. For a bit of extra added flair, serve these cupcakes in sugar-rimmed margarita glasses with a thick lime slice on the side.

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