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13 Four Roses Bourbon Bottles, Ranked

Available is a relative term with the limited editions, but here are the most recent ones. Four Roses 2017 LE Small Batch bucks the mold with lower viscosity, and seems to lose depth with it. All three recipes used in this bottle are the lower-rye, though that’s a somewhat relative term with Four Roses. After recommending it with enough water to bring baked goods out of its dual earthiness, Drinkhacker places it a bit short of the hall of fame.

The way Whiskey in My Wedding Ring tells it, 2017 tastes like autumn brunch: cinnamon, berry preserves, nuts, chocolate, graham cracker. Those all sound wonderful, but assessment across the board says this expression wouldn’t make big waves even without standing in the shadow of the finer Al Young 2017 release.

Whiskey Wash quotes Elliott as striking the right combination early with this blend, but it might have benefitted from some experimental developments along further lines. The site’s review differs as wildly from the other two as they do from each other, with fruit and mint exploding at every turn.

And finally, one Reddit reviewer, as the biggest fan of this bottle thus far, calls it simple and straightforward with oak and red fruit. So the real question with 2017 LE is not how good it is, but whether it’s a cipher that reveals more about its reviewer than it bequeaths. It’s a hard one to pin down, other than leaving room for improvement.

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