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15 Best Drinks To Mix With Club Soda

Adding water to any liquor helps open the palate, enhance the flavor, and tame the alcoholic bite of the beverage, allowing the aromas to shine (via Esquire). But why only add water when you can add bubbly water, thus transforming the cocktail into a sparkling sensation that is also one of America’s favorite classic drinks?

Vinepair reports the original highball cocktail of scotch and soda dates back to the 1900s when it was the most popular cocktail in America. When making scotch and soda, we suggest using an intensely flavorful whiskey that balances toasty oakiness with fruitness. However, we do not recommend using your most expensive single malt scotch but rather a quality blended scotch. 

Master of Malt suggests peated scotch works well with soda as the neutral palate of the soda softens the harsh earthiness of the peat-influenced whiskey. The soda will tame the liquor burn, creating a refreshing, easy-to-enjoy drink, especially when finished with a simple lemon twist.

Esquire offers the preparation of the perfect cocktail should start with freezing ingredients, including a cold glass, scotch, and mixer. Begin with a tall, narrow glass filled with ice. Then add the scotch. And then, tilting the glass slightly on an angle, slowly pour in the soda. The site recommends not stirring the cocktail to ensure the bubbles remain in the drink.

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