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2022 Staff Pick’em: Bowl Season

The only game last week, as it should be, was Army-Navy. Army won on a FG in double OT, so Cole was the only one to pick up a win. He is still 4 games behind the next picker. It gets interesting because as of now, CDA has neglected to enter his picks.

There are a surprising number of unanimous games for bowl season, though some of that may be due to having only 5 pickers instead of 6. Of the 14 games with an SEC team (present or future) or are a CFP semifinal, 5 of them were picked all one way. Five more slanted 4 to 1.

Everything is up for grabs with everyone except CDA and Cole within 5 games of the Commentariats lead. Import is only one behind group think as the lead staffer. No, I am not going to do the permutations for who still has an actual chance to win based on common picks for bowl season. I am sure one of you will do that.

  1. Normally, the picks are for all SEC games with one dealer’s choice where I get to choose another game to make us pick. With two new teams set to join in “2025” (Who wants to bet that timeline holds up?), Texas and Oklahoma will have all of their games picked, too.
  2. The picks will be made AGAINST THE SPREAD. Too many games are easy to pick heads up. Also, this will serve as a PSA for why you should not get into sports gambling, which is especially important with sports gambling being legal in Tennessee now.
  3. The lines will be taken from Oddshark’s consensus spread some time Monday, so they may not match what is listed at the time this article is published.
Commentariat 70 71 0 1
Import 69 72 0 1
DotP 66 76 0 1
Tom 66 76 0 1
VU 04 65 77 0 1
CDA 63 79 0 1
Cole 59 83 1 0

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