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5 most underrated whisky bottles of 2022, according to the experts

As the year closes out, there’s a lot of new whisky that found its way to Indian shelves. While there’s the full list of all the big launches and the curations basis price bracket (think under Rs 2,000, or under Rs 5,000), for some, what matters is an expert opinion. Which is why, for this curation, we brought in an expert panel to sort the grain (and the malt) from the chaff, and tell you exactly which whiskies of the year are the biggest winners. These are, according to the country’s top bar-runners, sommeliers and whisky savants, the 5 bottles that you should really be paying attention to at the end of 2022. 

The 5 most underrated whisky bottles of 2022, according to the experts

1. Amrut Neidhal 

Recommended by: Hemanth Rao (Founder, Single Malt Amateur Club)

“I’m partial to Neidhal from the range of ‘Single Malts Of India’, a bottling series by Amrut Distilleries. It’s a peated whisky, manufactured at an undisclosed location in India carries the Dravidian name that translates to land by the sea or, in other words, sea shore. A limited edition bottling put out in the period of the COVID exit–which is perhaps why it flew under the radar a little. A full-fledged peated malt, which is very rare. I love the tones of bacon, barbecue, smoke and wet peat, followed by a slight salt rim redolent of the shore close by. Closes out with a rounded sweetness and lasting finish.”

You’ll like if it: You love the chase of a limited edit. This one has a total of only 12,000 bottles that will be available globally, with 10 percent reserved for India. 

2. Kavalan Classic Single Malt

Kavalan Classic Single Malt

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