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5 Tips & Tricks To Play Ghost Rider

Featuring jaw-dropping action, explosive superhero abilities, and some amazing turn-based gameplay, Marvel’s Midnight Suns tells an all-new story set in the Marvel Universe. With classic characters like Spider-Man, Scarlet Witch, and Captain America, there’s one particularly hellish hero on the roster that deals in flames and chains. Ghost Rider is a risk vs. reward damage dealer that sacrifices HP for battlefield results. In his unforgettable flaming skull, Robbie Reyes and his Hell Charger dole out vengeance across the different bosses, challenges, and enemies that the game presents.

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Mastering his card kit isn’t easy, though, as balancing the loss of life tied to his abilities can quickly spin out of control. Ghost Rider will have to be paired with a balanced deck and good teammates in order to really shine on the battlefield. Don’t fear the reaper, though, as listed below are some major tips and tricks that will have players dragging enemies into the pit in no time.


5/5 Highway To Hell

Marvel's Midnight Suns ghost rider

Ghost Rider is possessed by the Spirit of Vengeance, and there’s no better place to unleash that than on a group of possessed Hydra agents in Midnight Suns. The high-risk vs. high-reward gameplay style makes Ghost Rider a hero who can decimate the battlefield – often surviving with only a sliver of health. His kit features throwing enemies into hell portals, driving his Hell Charger over groups of enemies, and even him popping into hell for a round.

Ghost Rider is great for aggressive gameplay, and unlike other heroes, Robbie doesn’t need a lot of time to get his damage rolling. The main flaw in Ghost Rider’s kit is that his health declines in exchange for the damage, which can snowball and get him KO’ed too quickly. So, careful planning around his HP, lifestealing abilities, and teammate selection are vital to seeing Ghost Rider at his flaming best.

4/5 Deck Building Strategy

Marvel's Midnight Suns ghost rider

First and foremost, Ghost Rider’s role is damage, and players should plan their build, card selection, and teammate choice around that. There is a subtly in seeking to balance all of these elements, however. As usual, make sure to mix Attack and Skill cards to build up points to spend a Heroic card. Robbie does well against groups but is especially effective against bosses with lots of HP. Players shouldn’t stack too many harmful damage cards without some self-supporting ones.

Cards like Drain Soul and Straight to Hell should be present along with obvious choices like Lash, Hell Ride, and Penance Stare. All abilities should be upgraded whenever possible. These should help Ghost Rider pull off some close victories. One strategy is to somewhat bait enemies intogoing for Ghost Rider. As his health shrinks, he’ll become a juicy target for enemies. That’s when using something like Straight To Hell followed by a heal from a teammate can turn the whole thing around.

3/5 Best Cards

Marvel's Midnight Suns ghost rider cards

The best cards of Ghost Rider involve doing as much damage as possible in grueling, hellish ways. Hell Ride is particularly nasty, especially against one-hit grunts. This ability has Ghost Rider hop on the hood of the Hell Charger and drive a straight, wide line through the battlefield. The downside is that Hell Ride discards the rest of the player’s hand, so save it for the end of a turn or a low-card hand.

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Another notable card is Penance Stare, which consumes a whopping 50% of Ghost Rider’s health to deal incredible amounts of damage. Then, there’s Drain Soul, which can damage up to two enemies and give lifesteal, which is the only self-healing card Robbie Reyes has. Hellmouth is another must-have, especially paired with Lash, as Ghost Rider can throw enemies into a hell portal early in a match.

2/5 Battlefield Strategy

Marvel's Midnight Suns ghost rider frying a dude

Ghost Rider’s overall strategy for battles is pretty much the same every time: inflict vengeance and damage while avoiding his own demise. When enough Heroic points are saved up, his area-of-effect and individual abilities can decimate the battlefield. While his abilities drain his health, his passive ability, called Soul Collector, helps offset the punishment. If Ghost Rider gets the killing blow on an enemy (thus sending them to the fiery pit), he gets a notch on a Souls meter.

Once it’s full, it increases Ghost Rider’s maximum health by 15% and can be stacked up to two times per mission. In battles, use Lash and Hellmouth to collect a few souls while taking out one-hit enemies in the meantime. Soul Drain will help survive when things get dicey – otherwise, use Hell Ride at the end of a turn or hand, Judgement, and even Penance Stare when the Heroic points are available, and health is high. If health gets too low, get heals from teammates and use Straight To Hell if things get dire.

1/5 Team Role

Marvel's Midnight Suns ghost rider, iron man, and hunter in battle

The main damage dealer is pretty much where Ghost Rider is going to land. He somewhat specializes in bosses with his kit, though, and can get away with being paired with tanks and other damage-based characters, so long as there is one dedicated healer. That means either Nico or Hunter should almost always be in every Ghost Rider fight.

Captain Marvel is another great match because she can taunt enemies off of Ghost Rider while he does his damage. Also, Magik has a special synergy with him as she can use her portals to throw enemies into Ghost Rider’s hell portals. There is some magic to be made when Magik and Ghost Rider are on the same team, no pun intended. Some not-great matches for Ghost Rider are Blade, Scarlet Witch, and Hulk, as they tend to take too many killing blows to support Soul Collector.

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