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8 Best Low Supply Cryptocurrency to Invest in 2023

With over 20,000 cryptocurrencies available, seasoned investors will often look for digital tokens that have a low supply, as this can prevent dilution and help keep prices strong due to high demand.

To point investors in the right direction, this guide explores the best low supply cryptocurrency to buy now in 2023. 

Best Low Supply Cryptocurrency to Invest in 2023 

Below is our top list of the best low supply cryptocurrencies to invest in this year:

  • FightOut – Move-to-Earn Fitness Project Rewarding Users with Crypto
  • Dash 2 Trade – New Crypto Analytics Platform That’s Raised $10m
  • C+ Charge – P2P Payment System for EV Charging Stations
  • Robotera – Build and Explore Virtual lands in the Metaverse
  • Calvaria –  Best Low Supply Crypto for Battle Card Game Players
  • IMPT – Eco-Friendly Blockchain That Raised $20m in Presale
  • Lucky Block – Popular Crypto Ecosystem With Online Gambling Services
  • Tamadoge – Meme-Inspired Low-Supply Cryptocurrency Game

Our list focuses on a variety of brand-new crypto projects that have a relatively low circulating supply. The majority of these cryptocurrencies are available on presale, which offers investors an opportunity to buy them at heavily discounted prices. 

A Closer Look at the Best Low Supply Cryptocurrencies To Invest in 2023

Want to know more about the market’s leading low-supply cryptos? 

We have analyzed some of the top-performing projects, so investors can find the best low-supply cryptocurrency to buy now. 

1. FightOut – Move-to-Earn Fitness Project Rewarding Users with Crypto

FightOut is a new cryptocurrency project that caters specifically to fitness fanatics. It is launching a fitness app that tracks movements and rewards them based on their physical activity. Unlike the majority of fitness apps in the market, FightOut does not simply count the steps or calculate the workout calories; instead, it tracks all movements. 

Moreover, FightOut plans to build a network of fitness facilities, including global gym chains. Opting for the FightOut app will give users access to these gyms, as well as the brand’s merchandise. Another exclusive benefit is that players of FightOut can develop their own NFT avatar. 

As the user completes challenges and gains rewards, the avatar will also gain strength. Users can then enter the FightOut metaverse using their avatars and put their physicalities to the test against other members. 

The app also rewards users for completing workouts and in-game challenges, offering badges and other incentives. The FightOut ecosystem has two digital tokens, REPS and FGHT – both of which can be used to buy subscriptions to the app. However, fitness rewards are offered in REPS. 

Moreover, according to the project’s whitepaper, REPS can also be used to make in-game purchases, such as consultations with FightOut’s expert coaches. If needed, players can also buy more REPS with FGHT tokens. In the future, FightOut also plans to add support for FGHT staking. 

As of writing, FGHT coins are available on presale to buy at $0.016 per token. The presale is proving incredibly successful, and the project has already raised more than $1.8 million. 

There is a total of 10 billion FGHT tokens; as such, it might not appear as a low-supply cryptocurrency to many. However, when compared to digital tokens with an unlimited supply, the hard cap of FightOut certainly gives it an advantage. 

Additionally, given the utilities, some analysts suggest that there will be a growing demand for this token in the long run. 

Visit FightOut

2. Dash 2 Trade – New Crypto Analytics & Signals Platform That’s Raised $10m

Dash 2 Trade is another project that is in the final stage of its presale as of writing. The presale went live in late October and exceeded all expectations of the crypto community by raising more than half a million dollars within the first couple of days. The project has now generated more than $10 million via its presale – so tokens are almost sold out.  

One of the key factors that drive investors towards Dash 2 Trade is its utility. It is a crypto analytics platform that offers advanced trading tools for all levels of investors. The platform provides access to on-chain analytics, new coin listings, and even alerts on whale-wallet movements. 

With Dash 2 Trade, advanced traders can also backtest their strategies or link the platform to their preferred exchange to set up automated trading. The platform also provides access to many technical indicators for investors to fine-tune their strategies. On the other hand, beginner traders can take advantage of Dash 2 Trade’s signals. 

Another innovative tool developed by Dash 2 Trade is its presale scoring system. This allows investors to identify the best crypto presales and evaluate their credibility. Needless to say, such a feature can be immensely valuable, especially when considering the growing number of crypto scams. 

According to the Dash 2 Trade whitepaper, the platform offers three subscription packages. To pay for the platform’s tools, users will have to buy D2T, an ERC-20 token with 0% sales tax. Moreover, D2T has a fixed supply of only one billion tokens; however, via the presale, only 60% will be offered. 

The Dash 2 Trade roadmap suggests that the platform will go live at the beginning of 2023 and will integrate all features by the end of the year. 

Investors looking to stay up to date with the latest developments of Dash 2 Trade can join its Telegram channel

Visit Dash 2 Trade

3. C+ Charge – P2P Payment System for EV Charging Stations

With the growing demand for eco-friendly initiatives, electric vehicles, or EVs, have gained popularity over the past few years. This has led to the need for supporting EV infrastructure, such as charging stations. Although there are EV charging stations across the world, there is still a lack of transparency when it comes to payment. 

This is the market that C+ Charge aims to address. C+ Charge has developed a blockchain-based payment system that EV owners can use to pay for charging. The payments will be processed with the C+ Charge utility token, CCHG. 

Since the app utilizes blockchain technology, it ensures transparency with fees. Moreover, there will be standardized fees that provide a better user and customer experience. The C+ Charge app will also be OCPP 2.0 compatible so that it can be integrated with more than 1.8 million charging stations across the world. 


Interestingly, those who use the C+ Charge network and the CCHG token will also be offered carbon credits as rewards. 1% of transactions made through the network will be set aside to purchase carbon credits, which will be distributed among all token holders. 

C+ Charge has already started offering its CCHG tokens via a presale. As of writing, one CCGH token can be purchased for just $0.013 per coin. As the presale continues, the price of the CCHG tokens will also gradually increase. 

Since C+ Charge has real-life and meaningful applications, the CCGH token could be the best low supply cryptocurrency to buy now for socially-conscious investors. 

Visit C+ Charge

4. Robotera – Build and Explore Virtual lands in the Metaverse

The total supply of Robotera’s TARA token is 1.8 million. However, the project is still in its early stages and is releasing only 15% of the total supply of TARA via presale – which amounts to just 270 million tokens. In this regard, Robotera is perhaps the best penny crypto with low supply for gamers to consider now. 

That being said, the limited quantity and discounted price are not the only aspects that make Robotera the best low supply cryptocurrency to invest in right now. The project’s utility also plays a main role. Robotera is building a metaverse where players can buy and develop their own virtual land. 

Furthermore, players can also create their own NFT avatars, explore virtual lands, and engage with other users. To make things more interesting, Robotera has also created a compelling backstory for the metaverse. It has even split its virtual land into seven continents and has added exclusive elements to each. 

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In other words, Robotera is elevating the whole concept of virtual land on the metaverse. As imaginable, TARA tokens drive this ecosystem. That is to say, all transactions within the Robotera multiverse will be carried out with TARA. 

Robotera plans to launch the metaverse and add gameplay elements to it by the beginning of 2024. Once the metaverse is launched, analysts speculate that the value of TAMA could increase. As such, the presale might be the best opportunity for investors to get their hands on TARA at a low price. 

Visit Robotera

5. Calvaria – Best Low Supply Crypto for Battle Card Game Players 

When searching for the best low supply cryptocurrency to invest in, web3 gamers might also want to check out Calvaria. This is an NFT-based card game that uses the play-to-earn mechanism. The game requires players to use strategies to build a set of powerful cards to defeat their opponents. 

The main currency of the Calvaria ecosystem is the RIA token. Clavaria is also in its early stages and is offering RIA tokens via presale. Although there is a total supply of 1 billion RIA tokens, only 150 million are available for sale at the time of writing. 

RIA tokens will be offered as rewards for winning games within the Calvaria ecosystem. It can also be used to purchase in-game assets and NFTs. Soon, players will also be able to stake RIA tokens to earn passive income. 

When considering these utilities, Calvaria could be a top cryptocurrency with low supply, best suited for those interested in NFT gaming. 

Visit Calvaria

6. IMPT – Eco-Friendly Blockchain Platform With Low-Supply Cryptocurrency

IMPT is a crypto project that witnessed one of the best presales in 2022, raising over 16 million in just a matter of two months. The main idea behind this project is to provide easy access to carbon credits. This way, it aims to help individuals and companies reduce their carbon footprint. 

For those unaware, carbon credits are permits that represent one tonne of greenhouse emission gas. IMPT  has verified several eco-friendly projects and partnered with them to create tokenized carbon credits, which are offered in the form of NFTs. 

To purchase these carbon credits, users will first need to buy an IMPT token. IMPT is one of the few tokens with a relatively low supply, at 3 billion. In the near future, investors can also get IMPT tokens as rewards for shopping via IMPT’s business partners, which include many leading brands. 

Since carbon credits are available as NFTs, investors can easily burn them to offset their emissions. Alternatively, they can also trade the carbon credits via any NFT marketplace. After considering these aspects, it’s understandable that many crypto investors were eager to buy this token during the presale. 

IMPT owners will also get additional perks, such as voting rights and discounts on the platform’s partner retailers. As of writing, IMPT can be purchased via the leading crypto exchange, LBANK. 

Visit IMPT

7. Lucky Block – Popular Crypto Ecosystem With Online Gambling Services

Lucky Block already has the reputation of being the world’s most popular NFT competition platform. It introduced the concept of NFT-prize draws, where players can enter competitions by purchasing NFTs. Needless to say, this endeavor was a huge hit in the crypto market, raising the demand for LBLOCK, the platform’s native token. 

The main utility of the LBLOCK token is to power the reward system of Lucky Block competitions. In terms of prizes, this includes $1 million in Bitcoin, a Lamborghini, and more. 

In November 2022, Lucky Block also launched a crypto casino. The platform facilitates gambling with cryptocurrencies and will soon be adding LBLOCK to its list of accepted payments. 

In other words, LBLOCK has plenty of utilities, which can fuel the demand and the price of this digital token. This might make it the best low supply cryptocurrency to invest in for many people, especially online gamblers. 

Moreover, Lucky Block has also developed a deflationary strategy for LBLOCK. The project burned 1% of its maximum supply (36.5 million tokens) in September 2022. Lucky Block plans to burn a portion of LBLOCK on a monthly basis – which will decrease the supply further. 

Visit Lucky Block

8. Tamadoge – Meme-Inspired Metaverse Gaming Platform

As is evident from the name of the project, Tamadoge has taken inspiration from the popularity of Doge-themed digital tokens. However, it also plans to redefine the concept of meme coins by adding utilities. 

Tamadoge has developed an NFT-based game in which TAMA tokens will be used as the transactional cryptocurrency. With a total of just 1 billion tokens, Tamadoge is deemed by many traders as the best low supply cryptocurrency to invest in right now.

After all, the Tamadoge presale managed to generate more than $19 million. 

What’s more, Tamadoge has also deployed a deflationary mechanism and burns 5% of every transaction recorded. This means that over time, Tamadoge will be a crypto with low circulating supply. 

At the time of writing, TAMA tokens can be purchased via popular exchanges, such as OKX. The platform has also started minting its Tamadoge NFTs. Players can purchase NFTs, groom and battle them against other players to collect points, and earn TAMA rewards. 

Visit Tamadoge


Finding low supply cryptocurrencies alone is not sufficient. Instead, investors also need to ensure that their chosen cryptocurrencies have the potential for long-term growth. 

This is where the best low supply cryptos such as FightOut and Dash 2 Trade come in. These projects have unique utilities, which can drive up their adoption and boost their underlying value in the long run, as evidenced by the huge funds they’ve raised in presale.

When searching for the best low supply cryptocurrency to buy now, investors can also consider other popular emerging projects that fit these criteria – such as C+ Charge, Robotera, IMPT, Lucky Block, and more. 

Visit FightOut Now

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