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8 best single malt whiskies under Rs 5,000 that you must try

If you are someone who is looking to stock up on some smooth and fine whiskies to enjoy winter at home but do not want to spend a lot on them, this article is for you.

According to a study conducted by the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Harvard University’s moderate consumption of single malt or bourbon whisky reduces the risk of heart disease. It is mainly because of the high levels of antioxidants present in the whisky.

A single malt whisky, stored in different casks but produced by a single distillery is the preferred choice for true connoisseurs. These single malts have a flavour that is much loved compared to grain whisky and precisely why they are the first choice for Scotch whisky lovers. Here are some great brands offering single malt whisky within Rs 5000, and are popular amongst whisky lovers or ‘anoraks’ as they are called.

GianChand Single Malt Whisky

Named after Dewan Gian Chand, the founder of DeVANS Modern Breweries which is synonymous with a wide range of award-winning beers and premium quality malt spirit, the single malt is their latest to join the bandwagon. While it has already become a favourite of whisky lovers, noted whisky critic Jim Murray has taken notice of this one. He says in the Bible of Whisky that GianChand is one of the finest single malts he has tasted from India and has the most delicate and refined taste. The unique taste sports pineapple drop candy sweetness and a backbone of vanilla and barley. Priced at Rs 4490 it is the perfect partner for party nights as well as soothing evenings with friends and family.

Price: 4,490 (Approx)

Amrut Fusion Single Malt Whisky

This home-grown brand is slowly getting popular amongst consumers due to its world-class taste. This single malt gives an oaky taste, with heavy notes of dark chocolate and peat. It also has a closer, longer sweet finish that tastes like the redolent of marmalade, lending it the unique taste that is much loved. Available for Rs 3340, this one is your budget-friendly drink when you want to spend a quiet evening by yourself or party with friends.

Price: Rs 3,340 (Approx)

Aberfeldy 12-Year-Old 

Aged for 12 years, this Highland Whiskey will take your heart away as the charming old-school bottle that takes us back to Scottish taverns that had to swig back drums. Talking about its taste, this fantastic single malt has a creamy espresso nose with a peaches and cream palate, that lends it extraordinary appeal. A bottle costs about Rs 3640 and fits your pocket.

Price: Rs 3,640 (Approx)

Kamet Whisky

This homegrown whiskey originated in the Garhwal, Uttarakhand region of India, has become pretty popular in the past few years and today it has a cult following. The Himalayan roots lend it a unique flavour, with notes of caramel, dark chocolate as well as fresh fruit. It also goes perfectly with whatever you mix in it and adds to the superior taste.

Price: Rs 2,999 (Approx)

Johnnie Walker Red Rye Finish

Is it even possible to make a list of the best whiskies in India without Johnnie Walker? This one is a must-have in any bar cabinet and is your go-to beverage for times when you don’t want to experiment. It is a culmination of Scotch and American whisky-making processes and has a Red Rye finish. With sweet vanilla notes, it is a blend of four whiskies and goes well with highball and ginger ale.

Price: Rs 3,220 (Approx)

Jim Beam Black

This one is for Cocktail lovers who keep their bourbon handy and make mint Julep or add caramel for hints of a classic beverage, the old-fashioned way. This triple-aged variant has been triple-aged in oak barrels to ensure the connoisseurs get nothing but the best. It can be enjoyed not just as a cocktail but on the rocks too.

Price: Rs 4,600 (Approx)

Monkey Shoulder

No monkey business here but this one is priced at Rs 4160 (in Delhi) and is loved by whisky lovers not just for personal consumption but as a perfect gift too. This one has a vanilla-forward flavour which is classic and blends easily making it the perfect choice for mocktails. This young drink gives a consistent experience every time you share it with friends and family.

Price: Rs 4,160 (Approx)

Grant’s Distinction

Grant’s Distinction is the only India offering that is locally bottled but blended by Brian Kinsman, the master distiller for one of Scotland’s largest family-owned spirits companies. With lots of character and a rich, raisin cake flavour, this is an often-overlooked bottle.

Price: Rs 2,500 (Approx)

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