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Abortion, housing and honoring the Queen – Orlando Sentinel

Brendan O’Connor, editor in chief,

Last week: A NIGHTCLUB OR A BAR? According to city paperwork, the City of Orlando is currently looking to put forth a Land Development Code amendment that will “… clarify zoning definitions to better define the differences between a restaurant, bar, or nightclub,” but only if there’s a change in ownership or expansion. But nightclubs are often subject to higher impact fees than bars and require more parking than a sit-down restaurant with a defined amount of seating, so the change could make it harder to sell existing businesses if passed by City Council. The code is still under review.

Looking ahead: BLENDING HOUSE: A new blending house called “Forward/Slash” is currently being built out in a vacant warehouse in a section of Winter Park that’s seen a lot of growth in the past few years. It’ll specialize in blending new premium blended whiskey, bourbon, vodka, bitters, and liqueurs, using products from quality distilleries from around the country and then mixed and mingled on site. Once complete, Forward/Slash will feature a covered patio, a craft cocktail bar and tasting room, a VIP/event room for classes and private events, and a massive warehouse space to store and mix new products.

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