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Alternative Investment Platform Percent Launches New Private Debt Offering For Software Company Taiger

Taiger, a Singapore-based software company, is raising corporate debt with a new offering. The proposed funding is being underwritten by alternative investment deal maker Percent. Taiger – in business since 2016 and venture capital-backed – develops cutting-edge “AI-enabled documents processing software.” 

To put it in the words of the company’s website, Taiger’s products make work easier “by automating complex cognitive tasks creating your own cognitive models in our no-code AI platform to understand any kind of document, classifying or extracting precisely in a structured way the information you need.”

This global Natural Language Processing (NLP) market is expected to reach $42 billion within the next four years. That would be up from $13 billion in 2020 with “an expected compound annual growth rate of 21.5%,” as projected by Percent.

According to Pitchbook, Taiger’s products are “intended to offer information access and retrieval services for the finance, insurance and government sectors.”

Taiger hopes to raise as much as $5 million at a 15% to 17% annual percentage yield through the Percent platform, where accredited investors can fund the loan with a $500 minimum investment. Percent says the software company had raised more than $20 million in Series B equity financing beginning three years ago. 

The offering is designed to allow investors exposure to the growth seen in the NLP software and solutions sector that Taiger represents. 

The company’s venture capital investors include Intelak Hub, ICT Fund, Investment Partners of McMinnville, ITEA 3 and Mastercard Start Path Accelerator, among others.

Taiger is the recipient of numerous awards in its field including “IDC innovator” in 2019, Efma-Accenture Banking Innovation Award in 2019 and Gartner Cool Vendor in 2017.

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