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Aluma Capital – Ultimately your money must work for you

Aluma is an innovative asset management company that offers clients the opportunity to access a unique range of investment solutions that would not have been readily available before.

Investments that are usually only available to high-net-worth individuals, asset managers, funds and financial institutions are now accessible through our investment solutions. Clients can choose an alternative investment product such as the private equity funds, vanguard fixed income fund or our structured offshore investment.

The private equity funds’ delivers compound growth over five years or gives you have a fixed investment product option with a monthly income. Private equity has become one of our most popular investment products. Your investment is not reduced by the fees and commission usually charged on these types of products, 100% of your investment is deposited into the fund. Both these funds underlying portfolios are carefully selected to ensure the investment has the most favourable level of security, balanced with a return that at least equals the market-related breakup but exceeds most of the time.

The vanguard fixed income fund protects your capital with the aim of generating a good monthly, quarterly or annual income. Keeping your funds in a product that aligns with your risk profile by offering you several options on capital guarantees that align with associated returns, generating dividend payments until the maturity date of your investment. With this fund, you are in control because you can adjust the degree of capital protection, up to 100%. Protected through one of South Africa’s largest banks.

The offshore structured investment offers investors access to US dollar exposure in relation to the valuation of the South African rand, with no foreign exchange approval required. This investment has 100% capital protection from a major bank, with an additional 250% participation from Citibank to ensure the optimal investment size and return.

Ultimately, Aluma aims to provide you with an investment opportunity that yields superior returns through a portfolio of counterparties that present an optimal blend of return, security and risk mitigation for investors.

Our array of bespoke financial products is used to tailor-make solutions that best suits your specific goals, desired protection and investment outcomes. They offer a wide range of insurance products to individuals and commercial clients, from Life cover to short-term insurance to enable an all-inclusive experience.

Ultimately, your money must work for you. After all, if you don’t make your money work for you, it loses value.

Aluma Capital is a registered asset manager and financial services provider.

Terms and conditions apply.

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