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Analysts at rate Associated Capital Group (NYSE:AC) as a sell.

A research note on Associated Capital Group was published on Friday by equity research analysts working for The subject of the note was Associated Capital Group (NYSE: AC). The brokerage firm recommended “selling” the company’s stock because the company is a provider of financial services.

A research report that TheStreet published on November 11 indicated that Associated Capital Group had been given an upgrade in the form of a downgrade, moving from a rating of “d+” to a rating of “c-.” This was a separate development from the previous one.

On Friday, the price of a share of Associated Capital Group stock was $39.97 when trading got underway for the day. The following metrics are present: a PE ratio of -16.58, a beta of 1.09, and a market capitalization of $879.78 million. The lowest price that Associated Capital Group has been at in the past year is $33.69, and the highest price that it has been at in the past year is $47.50. In the most recent 50 trading days, the company’s simple moving average was $40.79, while the average for the most recent 200 trading days was $39.83.

In other news about Associated Capital Group, it was announced on December 28 that Gamco Investors, Inc., et al. purchased 7,200 shares of the company’s stock. The total cost of purchasing the shares was $234,576, with an average price of $32.58 per share throughout the transaction. After making the purchase, the insider now has a total of 20,000 shares of the firm, which are currently valued at $651,600. If you click on this link, you will be sent to the SEC filing in which the transaction was described. Insiders of the company spent a combined total of $267,200 buying 8,200 shares of company stock during the most recent fiscal quarter that just finished. Insiders currently hold a majority share in the company, accounting for 72% of its total equity.

In recent times, institutional investors have been engaged in purchasing and selling shares in various companies. Associated Capital Group received a financial contribution of 242,000 dollars from Charles Schwab Investment Management Inc. during the first three months of the year. During the second quarter, Citadel Advisors LLC initiated a brand-new investment in Associated Capital Group by allocating $218,000 to support this endeavor. The State Board of Administration of the Florida Retirement System bought an additional 36.3% worth of Associated Capital Group stock during the second quarter to increase the proportion of its shares. There are 6,817 shares available for purchase, and the State Board of Administration of the Florida Retirement System currently possesses 1,817 additional shares of the company’s stock, bringing the total number of shares held by the board to 6,817. There are a total of 6,817 shares available for purchase. Dynamic Advisor Solutions LLC made a fresh investment in Associated Capital Group to the tune of 272,000 dollars during the second quarter. During the third quarter, Bank of New York Mellon Corporation’s ownership of Associated Capital Group saw a 13.0% increase, bringing the total percentage of ownership to 100%. After making an additional purchase of 905 shares during the period, Bank of New York Mellon Corp. now has a total of 7,887 shares of the stock held by the financial services provider. These shares have a combined value of $289,000, which the company obtained by purchasing additional shares. Various institutional investors own 9.73% of the company’s total number of outstanding shares.

The financial advisory services of Associated Capital Group, Inc. are provided by a company that is based in the United States and operates there. In addition to asset management, the company can provide services in alternative investment management. In addition to this, it offers financing opportunities to newly established businesses in addition to startup companies. Greenwich, found in Connecticut, is home to the company’s headquarters. The company was founded in 1976, and its namesake city is Greenwich.

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