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Anderson Co. residents taking Buffalo Trace to court over approved zoning change

ANDERSON COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) – Some people in Anderson County are continuing to fight back against a bourbon distillery expanding near their homes. They’re now taking the battle to court.

“We’re going to fight. We’re going to bring our argument before the court,” said Cody Alexander, who is filing an appeal.

It’s a battle a group of Anderson County neighbors have yet to win. A month ago, the Anderson County Fiscal Court voted to approve a zoning change that would allow Buffalo Trace to build warehouses on 450 acres of land that, until then, was zoned agricultural use.

“We’re not opposed to Buffalo Trace coming into Anderson County and expanding, but we just feel like this is not an appropriate area to do so,” Alexander said.

Alexander has lived in his home on Graefenburg Road since 2006. The new warehouses could go up directly across the street.

“This road is a pretty dangerous stretch of highway. It’s two lanes. There’s a lot of traffic that comes off the interstate. There’s a lot of people who don’t follow the speed limit. There’s been a lot of accidents over the years. I’ve pulled people out of their cars who have driven off the road and had accidents,” Alexander said.

Not only does Alexander fear traffic will only get worse, and more dangerous, he’s also worried what the large construction project will mean for the surrounding farms and environmental effects things like whiskey fungus could have on the area. So he and a group of 50 other people, have decided to appeal fiscal court’s zone change to the Circuit Court.

“There’s a guy down the street who has had his farm for 70 years. It’s his family legacy. Now you’re asking him to share that with these large warehouses coming in,” Alexander said.

Buffalo Trace said they do not comment on ongoing litigation.

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