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Art Consultant Daniel James Foster joins Marks Art a fine art gallery in London Kensington

Today we are extremely lucky to be interviewing Mr Foster. He is an art specialist in the famous Marks-Art Gallery here in the heart of London.

He has always been inspired by art and says “It’s hard not to appreciate the beauty of art, as it has such multi-faceted values not only just aesthetically, but emotionally and culturally as well”.

His extensive knowledge of art was instilled in him from a young age as all his family are prolific art lovers who educated him about the market, his grandmother whose specialty was in water-colour paintings in the impressionism genre. As well as his art market expertise Mr Foster started off in the finance world and quickly built his reputation in asset management in the commodities markets specialising in Silver, Wine, Art and Gold.

At with Maddox capital, during the period of time he was present, he was a portfolio manager doing market analysis and statistics where he managed and assessed financial portfolios for his clients, This lead him to be headhunted from the upper echelon of a art gallery Marks-Art which he now has cemented his name and position in and has put all his skills, passion and resources to bring his client base a alternative way to create waves of fruitful profits in their portfolios whilst being recession proof.

His well-know quote is “ I am a tailor, I make fitted and bespoke hypothetical investment suites with artistic flair for my clients not a customers but as a painter to its subject or a doctor to a patient, all I want to do is be the solution to all their financial problems’

With inflation standing against every resident of the UK, Daniel Forster has delivered his report on how to beat or even double the inflation rates. His advice for his clients within our formidable economic uncertainty is to invest in something which is a tangible asset and does not correlate to the normal financial markets at this moment in time with inflation at an all-time high reaching highs of 12%, you must invest in something which is a hedge against inflation.

We really look forward to following Daniel’s Career closely to see how far up he gets.

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