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Best of 2022: 13 new & homegrown whisky bottles of the year

If you’re a whisky drinker who’s always after a new experience, chances are you’re already Googling the best new and homegrown whisky brands that launched in India this year. Luckily, we’ve done the grunt work for you; with our expert opinions on what to expect from each of the launches of the year–both the ones that made noise and the ones that arrived silently (but successfully) in the night… 

Best of 2022: Our round-up of the 13 new & homegrown whisky brands of the year

1. Godawan 01 

The lesser-known edit of the artisanal single malt named after Rajasthan’s Great Indian Bustard, this version of the acclaimed whisky from the house of Diageo is rich, and well-rounded with a PX sherry finish. It opens with honeysuckle, chocolate, coffee, leading into deep intense caramel, dried candied citrus and baklava butteriness. Winter-perfect.

2. Godawan 02

Godawan 01 (Left) & Godawan 02 (Right)

The virtues of this have been extolled by nearly every liquor maven you talk to; so much so that you wouldn’t even believe this beloved whisky only launched in June. Choose the 02 if you’re partial to a fruiter, spicier usquebaugh, one that you’d rather have on the rocks that neat so the flavours go a long way. 

3. Indri Trini Single Malt

 Indri Trini Single Malt

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