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Best Pokémon TCG Cards To Buy In 2022 For Future Investment

The Pokémon Trading Card Game has become a reliable source for alternative investments in recent years. Pokémon cards like Base Set 1st Edition Holo-Charizard can have values in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, proving the high demand among collectors for these items. However, those looking to start or continue their Pokémon TCG investment journey in 2022 need not rely on extremely rare Base Set cards from 1999 to make a profit.

Indeed, collectors in the Pokémon TCG scene should keep their eyes open to more recent releases. From modern Elite Trainer Boxes to singles (individual cards), these products are often valued a lot lower than their older counterparts before rising in value because of a decrease in supply. Thus, those interested in hopping into the Pokémon TCG scene have a lot of options when it comes to making small investments in modern products because they can pay off in just a few months.


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This is especially true because Pokémon Sun and Moon and Pokémon Sword and Shield sets are beginning to phase out in preparation for the release of the Gen 9 games Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. Investors can thus start buying up cards, packs, and boxes from sets like Astral Radiance because their current prices are low but will only raise with time and scarcity. To go into further detail about which products investors should look out for, following is a list of sealed products and singles Pokémon TCG collectors should look out for in 2022.

The Best Pokémon TCG Sealed Products To Invest In Right Now

One of the best sealed products a Pokémon TCG investor can purchase right now is the Celebrations Elite Trainer Box. Released earlier this year for the 25th anniversary of Pokémon, the Pokémon TCG Celebrations Elite Trainer Box is perfect for investments because of its importance to the Pokémon series as a whole. Additionally, supply is already becoming low, meaning prices are only expected to rise in both the short and long terms. According to YouTuber Eva’s Binder, even the 10 Celebrations packs inside the box are already worth more than the box itself, ensuring that the Elite Trainer Box is a strong investment.

A smaller sealed product investment collectors can make is the Shining Fates Elite Trainer Box. So many of the cards in this set are highly desirable because it is themed around Shiny baby Pokémon, which are inherently valuable. On top of this, availability for the set is only going to decrease with time, meaning investing now can result in huge gains in the future.

The Best Pokémon TCG Singles To Invest In Right Now

A strong singles investment to watch out for right now is the Japanese Full Art Trainer Card of Furisode Girl. As one of the Hidden Rares of the Pokémon TCG’s Incandescent Arcana, Furisode Girl, is already proving to be one of the most valuable cards in the set. Because cards generally sell for more in Japan and the value of the card will temporarily depreciate with the future release of Silver Tempest in the United States, Furisode Girl will likely be a good investment to make soon.

Another strong investment would be the Pikachu (Secret) Holo-Rare from Cosmic Eclipse. This is a highly desirable card because of its beautiful artwork as well as its featuring of Pikachu and Red (a sure combination for a valuable card). However, it is currently undervalued, so buying it now as Cosmic Eclipse cards drop off in circulation is a good bet.

An honorable mention goes to Rainbow Pikachu from Vivid Voltage. This card is quite a big investment to make but is almost sure to increase in value because of its decreasing supply. But ultimately, making smaller, safer investments as a beginner collector is the wisest path forward in the Pokémon TCG.

Source: YouTube / Eva’s Binder

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