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Bloomington distillery Cardinal Spirits’ new bourbons

For anyone who doubts Indiana distilleries are capable of crafting bourbon, Jeff Wuslich, co-owner of Cardinal Spirits, wants them to stop by the Bloomington distillery to taste what’s being offered or purchase a bottle from a retailer. There are now more options than before and Wuslich is confident his will stand up to what’s made in Kentucky.

He was quick to point out the misconception that Kentucky is the only state where bourbon can be made. What is true is that bourbon must be made in the United States with 51% corn and placed into a new, charred oak barrel to age.

“The things that make bourbon in Kentucky good, they are the things that Indiana does better,” he said, adding Indiana corn is better, the state has the same limestone watershed providing water and has an abundance of straight hardwood trees.

“I think people are being surprised by the great bourbon coming out of Indiana,” Wuslich said. “Especially at craft distilleries in Indiana. People are seeing that we are getting some national attention for our brands.”

Hoosier Gold Bourbon is a new series of small-batch blended whiskeys available at retailers in Indiana, Kentucky and Wisconsin.

Cardinal Spirits has launched three bourbons this month

Birdhouse Bourbon is the new house bourbon exclusively sold in the Bloomington tasting room. Birdhouse Bourbon will be available at all times and will be available neat and in cocktails. In the past, Cardinal Spirits only had bourbon cocktails on the menu when they released a small batch. Now, those cocktails will be available throughout the year.

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