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Capturing The U.S. Inflation Trends That Provide Context

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Khanchit Khirisutchalual

By Jack Janasiewicz, CFA® – Garrett Melson, CFA®

As US inflation persists in 2022 at levels not seen since the 1980s, the Natixis Investment Managers US Inflation Tracker captures the trends that provide context in today’s economy. There may

Supercore Services Price Inflation Is Declining (12/31/17-11/30/22)

Source: Natixis Investment Managers Solutions, Bloomberg. Supercore Services is Consumer Service Inflation less Energy Services less Rent of Primary Residence less Owners’ Equivalent Rent. Core Goods is Consumer Price Inflation less food and commodities.

Cleveland Trimmed Mean Consumer Price Inflation Trending Lower (12/31/12-11/30/22)

Source: Natixis Investment Managers Solutions, Bloomberg. Trimmed Mean CPI is the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland’s 16% Trimmed Mean Consumer Price Index which excludes 8% of the CPI components with the highest and lowest one-month price changes.

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