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Chain-snatching Victim Gets Fake Gold From Cops | Ahmedabad News

Ahmedabad: A Satellite-resident Bhavnaben Shah was happy when a local court ordered the police to return the gold sliver to her after she lost her gold chain four years ago in a chain-snatching incident.
However, her happiness was shortlived because the sliver that the cops handed over to her was found to be containing no gold at all. It was a fake gold droplet that she got from the police custody.
Upset with the police functioning, Shah has complained to the city police commissioner demanding a detailed inquiry into the episode by alleging fraud on part of the police officials and the goldsmith, from whom the gold sliver was confiscated.
In this case, Shah lost her gold chain weighing 16 gram in a chain-snatching incident near her house on July 8, 2018.
Few days later, Paldi police arrested an accused, Samiruddin Shaikh alias Bond, he admitted to have committed more than 50 offences including this particular offence.
The police investigated and recovered Shah’s property. It had changed its shape because Shaikh had sold it to a goldsmith, who had melted the gold and handed it to the cops in form of a sliver.
After the accused’s admission and police’s recovery of her gold, Shah approached the court through advocate Bhavesh Barot and requested it to return it to her.
The accused also told the court that he had no objection if the gold was returned to the owner from the police custody. On November 11, the court ordered the Paldi police to return the gold.
The procedure took place in presence of witnesses and Shah received her gold back. She accepted the gold sliver without insisting on the purity certificate.
But when Shah’s family members got the gold piece checked with jewellers, it was found fake and weighing less.
Under shock, Shah made a complaint to the police commissioner and the director general of police demanding action against cops who did not follow the procedure and alleging that the cops might be shielding the goldsmith.
She has stated that people trust the police, but if stolen and recovered articles are not safe in police custody, people would lose faith in the police.
Shah has demanded an inquiry stating that there are thousands of people who are victims and their jewellery lie with police, and their jewellery may not be safe.

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