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Contemporary Craft Bourbon Whiskey ‘Rabbit Hole’ Meets Korean Consumers

Pernod Ricard Korea has launched premium craft bourbon whiskey, ‘Rabbit Hole.’

Pernod Ricard Korea announces the launch of premium craft bourbon whiskey, ‘Rabbit Hole.’

Founder Kaveh Zamanian was brought into the world of bourbon whiskey by his wife, a Kentucky native, and immediately fell in love with bourbon whiskey. He then sacrificed his successful career as a psychologist to make his own bourbon and starting to dig himself into a ‘rabbit hole.’

But after discovering that a lot of bourbon whiskey brands use the same few recipes, Kaveh decided to make his own distillery and brand that will focus on the development of original and creative mash bills for his products. Rabbit Hole labels all its ingredients on the bottle, something most bourbons shy away from. With extreme care in the production process and the original recipes, Rabbit Hole is now touted to be the brand that is setting new standards for American whiskey.

The first product that will be available to Korean consumers will be ‘Rabbit Hole Cavehill.’ It is named after a Louisville cemetery where distillers, who famously developed their own recipes for their whiskies before the Prohibition, have been buried. This homage is reflected in the mash bill of this four-grain straight bourbon whiskey. It uses corn, malted wheat, malted barley, and honey malted barley that makes up an unprecedented mash-bill. It is the only bourbon whiskey that uses honey malted barley in the current whiskey market. With a bright pumpkin color, it is easy on the eyes. The slow spreading aromas of spice and fresh apples and the sweetness of honey are the main palate of this bourbon whiskey. These aromas are then quickly followed up by a sweet vanilla and custard-like finish that will captivate the whiskey connoisseurs.

Rabbit Hole stands out as a distillery not just in terms of their mash bill but also in their production process. Rabbit Hole toasts its barrels slowly, for around 30 minutes instead of the standard practice of quickly burning the barrel for a minute. This enables the whiskey to delve deep into the barrel during maturation to bring out all the possible aromas and taste from the oak barrel. In addition, Rabbit Hole lowers its barrel entry proof to 110 instead of 125 which is the conventional standard. This is to prevent the unpleasant bitterness of whiskeys and provide a rich mouthfeel and a more robust flavor. Finally, most distilleries choose the economic choice of mass production, usually hundreds of barrels per batch. In comparison, Rabbit Hole, in efforts to maintain its high standard of quality control, limits production to no more than 15 barrels per batch.

Rabbit Hole is available at major Malt bars in Seoul and the metropolitan area including The Booze Cheongdam, Le Chamber, Bar Mila, Bar-Tican, Southside Parlor, SOKO, Bar It:, Tea Scent, Tea_And_Proof, Polestar, Rubato and will be sold at major Hyper stores, department stores, and liquor shops from August.

Miguel Angel Pascual Nombela, marketing director of Pernod Ricard Korea, said, “With the recent surge of the whiskey market, we wanted to show a brand that fits the demand of new niche and unique products. This craft bourbon whiskey will be the perfect fit for people looking to try new high-quality products and ideal for Scotch enthusiasts looking to cross over into high quality bourbons. With Cavehill as the forerunner, we hope many people will take interest in the following products of our dear brand, Rabbit Hole”


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