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Cowboys clash Baylor’s Gold-out with a White-out | Sports

The Cowboys hit the road in an intense ranked win against the Baylor Bears.

OSU decided to go with their icy-white uniform set, including white helmets with the brand logo and stripes down the middle, white jerseys and white pants. The last time the white-out kit was seen was in a shutout victory against Texas Tech the season prior. The Cowboys are now 7-2 in this set of uniforms.

Some fans took to the white-out look quite nicely, including OSU sophomore Eyuel Abame.

“It’s very clean,” Abame said. “Jenesequa.”

Baylor attempted a color rush look of their own, as they dressed in all gold from head to toe. While the effort is commendable to go with all of one color, it just does not quite deliver like expected.

The gold has more of yellow look to it, and as usual, too much of a color is not always a good thing. Carson Gragg, a freshman at Oklahoma State, thought they looked like something that belongs on a sandwich, not a football field.

“They look like little mustard packets,” Gragg said.

O’Colly Uniform Ranking: A

It’s hard to go wrong with a set of all white unis. The brand on the white helmet just looks natural, and the rest of the look complimented the stark difference in uniforms between the Cowboys and the Bears. All white is sleek, chic and clean. Splashes of orange with the stripes down the helmet create the best look the Cowboys have seen on the year. The uniform department just keeps improving week to week. Overall, this look earns an A in the O’Colly uniform ranking scale.

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