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Crypto Experts: Flasko (FLSK) Is A Good Substitute For NEAR Protocol (NEAR) And XRP (XRP)

In cryptocurrency, coins with real-world applications and substantial growth potential are placed on the throne. This is why rookie Flasko has been taking the crypto spotlight from significant currencies like XRP (XRP) and the NEAR Protocol (NEAR).

NEAR Protocol (NEAR) Still Under Bear Control

The NEAR Protocol (NEAR) is a decentralized application network. The NEAR Protocol (NEAR) currency serves as the primary trading medium within the platform’s setting.

In recent news, NEAR Protocol (NEAR) accomplished a landmark of 250 million transfers on the platform. Unfortunately, this did not start a positive trend on the NEAR Protocol (NEAR) price charts. The coin is currently down nearly 20% in the last month, and NEAR Protocol (NEAR) holders are worried.

XRP (XRP) Showing Bleeding Charts

The Ripple organization is among the most prominent open investors of the XRP (XRP) coin. The coin called XRP (XRP) powers payments on the Ripple Network. Investors have their focus set on the ongoing SEC vs. Ripple lawsuit which has been a dark cloud over the XRP (XRP) currency for a long time.

This past week, an exciting announcement was brought up as a top Dubai lavish residence now accepts XRP (XRP). Users of XRP (XRP) may now buy houses in Keturah Reserve using their coins.

This does not yet reflect on the coin’s price, though. XRP (XRP) is currently worth $0.3522, a 12% price loss in the last 30 days.

Flasko (FLSK) Proclaimed A Hidden Crypto Gem

The cryptocurrency protocol Flasko aspires to be the initial alternative-investment platform for investing in champagne, wine, and whiskey. Alternative investments have grown extraordinarily over the past couple of years, accounting for $13.4 trillion of the global market in 2018.

Flasko will bring this industry to crypto investors by creating fractionalized NFTs with real-world exquisite bottles of the finest spirits backing them. These NFTs can then be bought wholly or partially. Essentially, Flasko will tokenize this industry, giving an investment opportunity to all individuals.

The Flasko team will give various benefits and rewards to users to incentivize presale purchases. Discounts and first dibs on new products from up-and-coming premium beverage startups are available for just $0.111!

Another area where Flasko shines is safety. It has completed an audit through the German-based famous auditing firm, Solid Proof. The minds behind Flasko will also put a lock on team tokens for three years and freeze liquidity for 33 years. This is proof that Flasko is here to stay!

As we all know, investing early in an innovative project is the perfect combination for fortune. And with Flasko, that notion rings true. Due to high demand, crypto experts forecast that the coin price may reach $4.40 by the end of May 2023.

Invest now and do not miss out on this future blue-chip coin:




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