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Cryptocurrency Analysts Say BudBlockz Future Is Brighter Than Shiba Inu

BudBlockz is a decentralized online eCommerce platform for the cannabis industry. The platform aims at creating a safe, secure, and private environment where cannabis enthusiasts can purchase their favorite weed products. 

BudBlockz’s mission is to become the first open and fairly traded blockchain-based environment for new and experienced weed enthusiasts to access the global cannabis market in a decentralized and private manner. The platform will also create a 24/7 open eCommerce marketplace that operates only in weed-friendly jurisdictions.

However, weed lovers who reside in jurisdictions that have yet to decriminalize cannabis can participate in the growth of the platform and the cannabis sector by purchasing Ganja Guruz NFTs. These NFTs represent a percentage ownership of BudBlockz businesses such as cannabis farms and dispensaries. 

BudBlockz NFTs also allow their owners to create their own NFTs and sell them either on the BudBlockz NFT marketplace or other marketplaces such as Open sea.  The NFTs act as avatars in the BudBlockz gaming section, BudBlockz Arcade. The arcade has several play-to-earn games that draw inspiration from popular video games from the 1990s.

BudBlockz also intends to establish several farms and dispensaries in jurisdictions decriminalizing marijuana. This move will create an opportunity for weed and cryptocurrency lovers to use the $BLUNT token as a medium of exchange to access their favorite marijuana products. 

Apart from being a medium of exchange on the BudBlockz platform, the $BLUNT token also plays other vital roles that help to grow the BudBlockz ecosystem. For instance, $BLUNT is used for governance, staking, and voting on BudBlockz, those who stake $BLUNT earn rewards and can take advantage of promotional codes when purchasing collectibles and other products from the BudBlockz ecosystem.  

BudBlockz is currently in its third stage of the presale. Since $BLUNT tokens were made available for purchase during the private sale, investors have rushed to add the crypto coin to their portfolios, causing the private sale to end ahead of schedule. The presale has also been very successful, with more than 57.3 million tokens sold. 

$BLUNT has experienced massive value in the short period it has been around. So far, the coin has appreciated more than 163%, and experts predict that the growth will only increase in the coming months. 

One of the reasons why $BLUNT will continue to grow is because the BudBlockz project is focused on the rapidly growing cannabis sector. We are at a point in history where governments are legalizing the use of cannabis, both for medicinal and recreational uses. For this reason, the cannabis industry is expected to grow to more than 176.5 billion dollars by the beginning of the next decade. BudBlockz is expected to accelerate in growth during this period.

Another reason why BudBlockz’s future is looking bright is because of the project’s ambitious roadmap. As the project begins to execute its plans for the future, experts predict that the utilities it provides will become a major attraction to investors.

BudBlockz will skyrocket in value in the coming years, surpassing coins such as Shiba Inu, which have no real utility. Shiba Inu is a meme coin created in response to a joke. The coin has no roadmap for the future and doesn’t provide any utility for its investors. Its value is based purely on speculation. 

Learn more about BudBlockz (BLUNT) at the links below:

Official Website: 

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BudBlockz Community Links:

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