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Cryptocurrency: Netflix reportedly bars crypto ads on its ad-based streaming subscription

Netflix previously announced it would be launching a new subscription option so users can enjoy the service at cheaper rates. However, this is an ad-supported tier, so subscribers who will opt for this can expect commercial breaks while viewing a show.

It was said that the offering of a new option with lower rates is a move for Netflix to increase its revenues again. It was in July when the ad-supported subscription tier was first announced, and the company already mentioned that this would be officially launched in November.

The new option will have commercials, but as per CoinTelegraph, some sources said Netflix would not allow ads that are related to cryptocurrency. It was said that the American streaming giant made the decision to ban crypto ads and this means it will be rejecting all kinds of advertising campaigns with cryptocurrency.

It will also not allow political commercials and anything that contains gambling on its new subscription tier. Ads that sell products to children are not allowed on the streaming platform as well. Based on the reports, Netflix may also restrict pharmaceutical ads, but this is still being discussed.

In any case, The Sydney Morning Herald reported that Netflix’s new cheaper subscription option is coming to Australia too, and it could be as early as November. Then again, Netflix’s new subscription tier is also coming to Canada, Germany, the United Kingdom, the United States, and France on Nov. 1.

With the reported restriction on crypto ads and other mentioned subjects, it was said that this is really not something new. This is due to the regulatory scrutiny that has been common in the digital asset business. In fact, Facebook, which is now known as Meta, also banned crypto ads in 2018, and it was in effect across the social media firm’s platform.

Meanwhile, Netflix has moved up its launch date for its ad-supported subscription option. It was originally set to go live in early 2023, but it was changed to November to compete with its rival, Disney Plus, which is set to introduce its own subscription plan with commercials on Dec. 8.

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