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Ctrl-Alt-Invest: Alternative Investment Marketplace Launches

Ctrl Alt launches an alternative investment app seeking to diversify alternative investment opportunities in sustainable digital shares.

The free-to-use app, which provides investors with access to previously exclusive asset classes, is going public in UK app stores this week.

Users can access alternative assets in property, watches and sustainability projects by purchasing digital shares that have legal recourse to the underlying asset.

Matt Ong, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Ctrl Alt
Matt Ong, founder and chief executive officer, Ctrl Alt

Its launch is seeking to “open up the previously exclusive world of alternatives,” said the app’s founder and CEO, Matt Ong.

Ong describes it as an effort to “challenge the notion of ownership. Now more than ever, investment opportunities must diversify and provide access.”

The app’s beta community tokenised a house in the summer as its first asset, testing its framework while also challenging traditional processes around alternative investing.

The Tiny Housing Co, developers of eco-friendly, off-grid homes, is also in on the launch. The company has provided the app with a holiday home-rental asset. This is allowing investors to own a share of a holiday home and gain a positive return on the alternative living movement.

Ctrl Alt confirms it has other assets in its pipeline, which it says include a novel sustainability project in the UK. It is also in partnership with the blockchain network Algorand for operational efficiency, having been awarded its Algorand Foundation grant in August this year.

“Algorand’s green blockchain technology is at the forefront of Ctrl Alt’s innovative platform,” said Ong at the time.

“It is fundamental in supporting us to break down barriers to investing, creating a platform that was previously unimaginable.”

While the app is only currently available to eligible investors in the UK, the company confirms that it is to extend its operations into the wider European region within the coming months.

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