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Delhi faces liquor crisis as many brands left off shelves

Delhi is facing yet another liquor crisis as many major brands are missing from shop shelves.

Delhi faces liquor crisis as many brands left off shelves

Delhi is reeling through a liquor shortage (Photo: Aishwarya Paliwal | India Today)

Delhi is grappling with a shortage of liquor, and some of the major brands are disappearing from the shelves of liquor vents in the national capital.

Chivas, a blended Scotch whisky, Smirnoff, a brand of vodka, and Glenmorangie stocks are drying up and are not sufficient to meet the demand. Wine and beer are also in short supply.

“Our monthly loss stands at Rs 4-5 lakh because of this shortage,” said a restaurant manager operating in Khan Market.

“As a lot of our customers come for specific drinks, we haven’t been able to serve 50 per cent of the items on our menu cards. The cocktails that require specific ingredients like tequila are not being served,” he told India Today.

The liquor shortage has affected consumers who are finding it difficult to buy their favourite brand of liquor.

“It was my birthday last month, and instead of Delhi, I celebrated in Gurgaon. Before shifting the venue, I checked with 15 restaurants [on availability of his preferred liquor brand],” 25-year-old Aditya told India Today.

There has also been a 40 per cent decline in football for restaurants as many major liquor brands vanished from shelves.

Private liquor shops were replaced by Delhi government vends from September 1 as the city reverted to its old liquor policy.

The Excise officials had said that the liquor supply would improve starting in the first week of September due to the opening of more shops.

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