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Despite a current supply of 3 Million Tokens, does FC Barcelona Fan Token stand a chance against the IBAT Token?

Launched in June 2020, the BAR token is a utility token that offers supporters of FC Barcelona a tokenized ratio of influence on club decisions via Socios application and services. The BAR token serves as a membership key for its holders, which makes them eligible to compete for exclusive club recognition and other rewards. The token was created via the cryptocurrency firm Chiliz, a blockchain network built on Ethereum.

FC Barcelona Fan Token (BAR) is currently selling at about $6.37 and has a trading volume of about $5,017,678. It has a circulating pool of 3,000,000 BAR tokens and a total supply of 40,000,000 tokens. With these figures, some rookie crypto enthusiasts/investors may conclude that the FC Barcelona (BAR) token is a profitable crypto investment. Sadly, the cryptoverse doesn’t work that way. There are still many uncertainties about the future of the BAR token.

Luckily, this article aims to enlighten you on the BAR token and introduce a better alternative token (IBAT token) that has proven to guarantee its users maximum profits and fun. 

Before diving into the world of Battle Infinity and the IBAT token, let’s see what the BAR token price predictions look like.

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