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Deutsche Bank Aktiengesellschaft Analysts set a GBX 2,750 price target on Diageo (LON:DGE).

Borsen Zeitung reports that investment professionals at Deutsche Bank Aktiengesellschaft have reportedly established the price objective for Diageo (LON: DGE) at GBX 2,750, which is equivalent to $33.50. This information was distributed to clients and investors on Thursday as a research note containing its contents. According to the price target established for Deutsche Bank Aktiengesellschaft, there is the potential for a drop in value equal to or greater than 24.11% of the previous day’s closing price.

Recently, we have seen an increase in other equity analysts who have mentioned the company in their conversations. On December 13, Barclays published a research study on Diageo. As part of the report, the company established a price target of GBX 5,010 ($61.04), which was also included. JPMorgan Chase & Co. forecasted that the price of Diageo would rise to GBX 4,500 ($54.82) in the not-too-distant future in a research note published on Wednesday, December 14. The Credit Suisse Group predicted in a research report made public on January 4 that the price of Diageo will reach GBX 4,500 ($54.82). The price target for Diageo was determined to be GBX 4,700 ($57.26) in a research report disseminated by Goldman Sachs Group on Wednesday, January 4.
Last but not least, in a research report released on Monday, December 19, Sanford C. Bernstein suggested a price target of GBX 3,950, equivalent to $48.12 in American currency. There are a total of four different analysts who recommend buying the stock, two different analysts who recommend holding onto the stock, and two different analysts who recommend selling the stock. The consensus recommendation for the company’s stock is to “Hold” its current position, and the average price target for the stock is set at GBX 4,088. This information is derived from (or 49.81 USD).
Thursday saw a decrease of GBX 45 ($0.55) in the price of a single share of Diageo, bringing the current price to GBX 3,623.50 ($44.15). Compared to the daily volume of transactions, which is an average of 3,237,588, 1,466,805 shares of the corporation were traded. The price of Diageo has ranged from a low of GBP 3,282.50 ($39.99) to a high of GBP 4,067 ($49.55) over the preceding twelve months. The company’s market value currently sits at 82.22 billion British pounds, and its price-to-earnings ratio is 2,588.11. This company has several different financial ratios, including a quick ratio of 0.62, a current ratio of 1.53, and a debt-to-equity ratio of 176.36. The moving average price of the stock over the previous 200 days is GBX 3,719.14, while the moving average price over the previous 50 days is GBX 3,696.24.
In related news about this subject, on December 12, a purchase of 222 shares of the company’s stock was made by Javier Ferrán, an employee of the company who is also an insider. The total amount spent on the shares came to £8,289.48 ($10,099.27), with the average value of each share coming in at GBX 3,734 ($45.49). As a result, insiders of the company have spent a total of $2,485,340 over the past three months buying 679 shares of company stock, bringing the total amount spent to date to that point.

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