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Gold and silver prices today: Check latest rates in your city on October 14

The price of 1 gramme of gold is up by 1 rupee on Friday for both 22 carat and 24 carat (K) gold. As per the Goodreturns website, which tracks the daily rates of both gold and silver, 1 gramme each of 22K and 24K of the former is, today priced at 4,676 and 5,101 respectively, up from 4,675 and 5,100 a day ago.

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This means that in Delhi, 10 grammes of 22K of the metal can be bought for 46,910 while an equal quantity of 24K is at 51,160; the corresponding cost on Thursday was 46,900 and 51,150. Meanwhile, on Friday, rates in other metros for 22K and 24K, in that order, are: 46,810, 51,060 (Bengaluru); 47,610, 51,940 (Chennai); and 46,760, 51,010 (Hyderabad, Kolkata and Mumbai).

In India, gold becomes more expensive if the rupee slides against the US dollar. The rates also depend on factors such as volatile policies, economic growth etc.

Today’s Silver prices in India

Meanwhile, there’s no change in prices of silver. This means that in Delhi, Kolkata and Mumbai, 10 grammes of the metal cost 573, and 623 in Bengaluru, Chennai and Hyderabad.

For silver, too, the daily price depends on the rupee’s position against the dollar. If the rupee slips, the rates go up. Also, silver is always cheaper than gold.

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