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HedgeUp (HDUP) Hype Ripple (XRP) Believers Jump Tokens

The crypto boom experienced in the yesteryears was on growing optimism that the emerging asset class was on course to revolutionize the financial sector. The likes of Ripple (XRP) exploded to record highs amid high expectations of their potential to revolutionize the banking sector on mainstream adoption. Fast forward, the sentiments have fizzled, and the projects have imploded catastrophically. Wary of the implosion experienced in 2022, investors are already looking into the future, with projects like HedgeUp arousing strong interest.

Ripple Rise and Fall

For the longest time, Ripple has always been seen as a project with a high probability of making its way into the mainstream sector. The project has made significant inroads, with its RippleNet being used by several financial institutions to enable superfast and low-cost cross-border transactions.

Its edge as a leader in financial technology has always been seen compared to PayPal. In the second half of 2022, Ripple managed a payment volume of $340 billion generating $6.8 billion of top-line revenue from payment fees.

Nevertheless, Ripple, with its native token XRP, is facing an uncertain future amid increased regulatory scrutiny from the US Securities and Exchange Commission. The SEC has raised issues with Ripple using its digital token XRP to raise money improperly. According to the SEC, Ripple effectively executed an initial public offering of XRP without adequately registering it as a security.

The standoff has spilled over, with major American banks and exchanges refusing to do business with the digital service. With the legal wheels running two years later, Ripple has seen its sentiments and prospects take a significant hit. Its token was down by more than 50% in market value in 2022.

HedgeUp Alternative Investment Opportunity

In contrast, HedgeUp, with its native HDUP token, is a project on the ascendancy as it looks to revolutionize the $17.2 trillion alternative investment market. The project is not staring at any regulatory hurdles even as it moves to make it easy for people to invest and diversify their investment portfolio through alternative products.

The launch of the first-of-its-kind alternative investment platform has set the wheel running for HedgeUp as it moves to bridge the gap between traditional and cryptocurrency investors. The platform will allow people to easily invest in alternative products like wine, fine art, gold, luxury watches and diamond.

Investing in alternative products is a sure way of diversifying your investment portfolio, as the products rely less on broad market trends. Additionally, they reduce the overall risk of a portfolio. Investors also stand to enjoy enhanced returns, with HedgeUp promising annual returns of between 28% and 36%.

HedgeUp is already working with higher-end startups as it looks to facilitate users’ entry into the alternative investment markets. It has also pulled professional experts with over 30 years of experience within the alternative investments space to teach those new to the alternative market space.

Fractional NFT Purchase

In addition to offering exposure to alternative products, HedgeUp is also making it easy for people to invest in non-fungible tokens. It is enabling Fractional NFT purchases on its ecosystem to make it easy for people to own a piece of NFTs by investing a small amount. In this case, users will not have to raise the full amount to invest in an NFT. With as little as $1, investors can own a piece of an NFT through the fractional ownership stake structure.

HDUP is the token to make everything possible in the HedgeUp ecosystem. The token is to facilitate the buying and selling of alternative products on the platform. It will also make it possible for people to invest in fractional stakes of various NFTs on offer.

HDUP token holders also stand to generate some passive income by locking their tokens in staking pools to help enhance liquidity in the ecosystem. Staking rewards will be optional to the number of tokens staked and the lock-up period.

Bottom Line

The future can only be bright for people who dare to dream and divest their portfolios from volatile assets to stable assets like alternative products. HedgeUp is making everything possible by bringing all major alternative asset classes to the cryptocurrency market.

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