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HedgeUp Is Making Alternative Investments More Accessible. Here’s How:


With inflation rising and the stock market becoming more volatile, many investors are looking for ways to diversify their portfolios and take advantage of the lucrative alternative investment landscape.

Besides, who doesn’t want to own diamonds, watches, rare coins, and bottles of fine wine? Not only are these assets super-cool, but they tend to appreciate in value over time and are less susceptible to market fluctuations.

However, accessing these alternative investments has traditionally been challenging for the average investor. These alternative investments are expensive, illiquid, hard to authenticate, and difficult to store.

That is until now. HedgeUp is changing the game by bringing these alternative investments — from rare coins to vintage wines — within reach of everyday people. The average investor can access these lucrative investments through a convenient and secure online platform.

HedgeUp: Making Alternative Investments More Accessible

HedgeUp is a blockchain-based platform that allows investors to purchase and store alternative investments efficiently and securely. The platform will offer a wide range of assets, including rare coins, watches, artwork, and premium wines.

The real power of HedgeUp lies in its ability to tokenise these assets, allowing for fractional ownership and greater liquidity. Meaning that investors can purchase a portion of an asset, making alternative investments more accessible for the average investor.

The process is simple: Investors can browse through the asset listings on HedgeUp’s online marketplace, select their desired asset, and then choose how much they want to purchase. After that, they’ll receive an NFT (Non-Fungible Token) linked to their investment in the blockchain.

For example, if a $15,000 bottle of wine is purchased, the investor may receive an NFT representing 1/10th of the bottle. If the value of the asset increases, so does the value of their fractional ownership.

HedgeUp utilizes blockchain technology to ensure security to create immutable digital ledgers that record each transaction securely and transparently on the Ethereum network. Additionally, HedgeUp uses smart contracts to govern its transactions

What returns are possible on HedgeUp?

The returns on alternative investments vary widely depending on the asset, but they often outperform traditional asset classes over time. HedgeUp’s ‘basket’ product is protected to return 28-36% per annum.

For those who like specific assets, investing in rare coins, watches, and artwork can provide average returns between 4.6-149.13% p.a, depending on the investment.

$HDUP: The Fuel That Powers HedgeUp

HedgeUp has created its own utility token, $HDUP, to power its platform. The token is used to purchase assets on the platform, pay service fees, and incentivize users with rewards.

Not only can users profit from the appreciation of the assets they invest in, but also from holding the $HDUP token. In fact, locking up $HDUP tokens in a “staking pool” will yield passive income for holders.

The current HedgeUp presale makes it possible for investors to purchase $HDUP at a reduced price, so now is a good time for early adopters to get in on the action.

With the tokenization of assets and the utilization of blockchain technology, HedgeUp is making it possible for everyday people to invest in alternative assets and take advantage of the lucrative opportunities available.

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