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Here’s how you can decode a bottle of Gin and know if it’s not fake

The holiday season is a time when you gather with friends and family. One prepares many things like decorations, food, and beverages so that the celebration never ends and the times spent with one another create priceless memories. You might be surprised to know that there are times when storekeepers sell fake alcohol, especially Gin.

If you have the right bottle of Gin, nothing will stop you from having a gala time. Wondering how to determine if the bottle of Gin is perfect or not? Know it from experts here.

Evonne, Head of World Class, Trade and Social Advocacy told us, “When buying Gin, keep an eye out for a few indicators on the label. The alcohol strength will show how powerful the spirit is and how well it will stand out when mixing. For instance, Tanqueray sits at 47.5% ABV, so you know it will not get too dissolved in a cocktail as compared to a gin sitting closer to 40% ABV.”

He added, “The botanical list will also show what the flavours will be. If there are herbaceous root botanicals listed, then expect a bold savoury style of gin. If more floral botanicals or citrus are mentioned, then expect a soft, delicate, or zesty gin respectively. Once you know what Gin style you have, you can choose the cocktail that will most suit that style.”

Afzal Kaba, Brand Ambassador, Diageo India further added, “Labels on the bottle tell you the style of spirit. If one can decipher and understand the label, it may become easy to understand the techniques used in production. Especially with single malts. The factors like the name of the distillery it comes from, and the number of years it is aged. With some labels type of the wood and cask whisky is aged in, giving an understanding of flavours.”

Always buy liquor from authorised retail shops. Do not trust unauthorised shops or unauthorised person who is selling liquor. Make sure the seal of the bottle is secure and there are no signs of tampering. Feel around the neck of the bottle and see if it feels sticky, these are indications that the bottle has either fake or adulterated, or diluted liquor.

(DISCLAIMER: Alcohol consumption is injurious to health. The article is for information purposes only.)

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