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Hidden Still Spirits highlights growth as a Small Business

Micro tourism is impacting small businesses, in fact one in dauphin county.

Good business breads business is how one person described the whiskey tour.

Even though, some things have slowed them down, hidden still spirits, a small business in hershey, is expanding. With hopes of remaining the largest producer of pennsylvania straight bourbon whiskey.

“For one we were able to grow during covid which is hard for anybody to sustain that kind of growth,” said david stein

Moving from lebanon 2019, hidden still spirits started off as a distillery. In 2021, 21,000 bottles were distilled and last year that number grew 86,000 . And representative Tom Mehaffie could not be more supportive of this growth.

“Super excitative been here since it was just walls and studs, they have done an excellent job. They put a lot of time, effort and money into this establishment and really turned it into a super restaurant and distillery, craft distillery. I mean they are just moving and shaking her,” says Tom Mehaffie, Representative of the 106th district.

A new enclosed patio, new offices, a cigar lounge and are part of the expansion project. Along with a continuous stilling tower that will be fifty feet high….which will be one of the tallest in the country.

“We just wanted to add to what’s already a vibrant tourist community,” says Stein.

Hidden still spirits is one of the few businesses to expand in pennsylvania And it doesn’t look like it will be the last.

“We’re doing some really great things to help with these individuals and these small businesses, and you know small businesses is the backbone of central pennsylvania and pennsylvania in general. So, we wanna promote these and help them in any way we can.,” said Mehaffie.

Although the project has already begun, production is expected to be completed in early October.

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