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Horizon Kinetics Asset Management Updates Holdings in Associated Capital Group (AC)

Fintel reports that Horizon Kinetics Asset Management
has filed a 13G/A form
with the SEC disclosing ownership of
shares of Associated Capital Group Inc (AC).

This represents 41.0% of the company.

In their previous filing dated January 26, 2022
they reported 1.25MM shares and 40.50% of the company,
a decrease in shares of 0.69%
an increase in total ownership of
(calculated as current – previous percent ownership).

Fund Sentiment

There are 150 funds or institutions reporting positions in Associated Capital Group.
This is a decrease
owner(s) or 3.85%.

Average portfolio weight of all funds dedicated to US:AC is 0.1234%,
a decrease
of 0.3916%.

Total shares owned by institutions decreased
in the last three months by 0.32% to 2,984K shares.

What are large shareholders doing?

AC / Associated Capital Group Inc Ownership

KINETICS PORTFOLIOS TRUST – Kinetics Paradigm Portfolio
holds 260,290 shares

representing 1.18% ownership of the company.

No change in the last quarter.

KINETICS PORTFOLIOS TRUST – Kinetics Small Cap Portfolio
holds 190,500 shares

representing 0.87% ownership of the company.

No change in the last quarter.

EQ ADVISORS TRUST – 1290 VT Small Cap Value Portfolio Class IB
holds 151,820 shares

representing 0.69% ownership of the company.

In it’s prior filing, the firm reported owning 158,158 shares, representing
a decrease
of 4.17%.

The firm


its portfolio allocation in AC by 3.15% over the last quarter.

Mad River Investors
holds 109,275 shares

representing 0.50% ownership of the company.

No change in the last quarter.

Gamco Investors, Inc. Et Al
holds 78,958 shares

representing 0.36% ownership of the company.

In it’s prior filing, the firm reported owning 77,165 shares, representing
an increase
of 2.27%.

The firm


its portfolio allocation in AC by 12.72% over the last quarter.

Associated Capital Group Declares $0.10 Dividend

Associated Capital Group said on November 11, 2022 that its board of directors declared a regular
semi-annual dividend
of $0.10 per share ($0.20 annualized).
Shareholders of record as of November 30, 2022
received the payment on December 15, 2022.
Previously, the company paid $0.10 per share.

At the most recent share price of $37.84 / share,
the stock’s dividend yield was 0.53%.

Additionally, the company’s dividend payout ratio is -0.08,
indicating it is retaining a low percentage
of its earnings to reinvest in growth opportunities.

The company has not increased its dividend in the last three years.

Associated Capital Group Background Information
(This description is provided by the company.)

Associated Capital Group, Inc., based in Greenwich Connecticut, is a diversified global financial services company that provides alternative investment management through Gabelli & Company Investment Advisers, Inc. (“GCIA” f/k/a Gabelli Securities, Inc.). The proprietary capital is earmarked for its direct investment business that invests in new and existing businesses. The direct investment business is developing along three core pillars; Gabelli Private Equity Partners, LLC (“GPEP”), formed in August 2017 with $150 million of authorized capital as a “fund-less” sponsor; the SPAC business (Gabelli special purpose acquisition vehicles), launched in April 2018; and, Gabelli Principal Strategies Group, LLC (“GPS”) created to pursue strategic operating initiatives.

This story originally appeared on Fintel.

The views and opinions expressed herein are the views and opinions of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Nasdaq, Inc.

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