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How to Evaluate Private Equity Real Estate Funds And Maximize Returns

This year Blackstone raised $30 billion for its tenth real estate fund which pushed the company to over $300 billion in its real estate portfolio. This capital comes in mega chunks from Sovereign wealth funds, pension funds and endowments. 

Unfortunately, individual investors are excluded from the real estate private equity club due to million-dollar minimums and a general lack of understanding of private equity fund structures. 

CityVest is changing this and opening up access and information about real estate private equity funds. CityVest is exclusively focused on providing access to institutional real estate private equity funds with a low $25,000 minimum investment from accredited investors. 

Not only does the company provide access to these investments, but it also has been able to negotiate enhanced investment terms, including a 12% preferred return. That’s a winning combination.

CityVest has provided a video webinar it originally conducted with the Florida Alternative Investment Association on “How to Evaluate and Invest in Real Estate Private Equity Funds.” This presentation is unique in providing an inside look at some of the tools that CityVest uses to search for and conduct due diligence on these funds.

Here are the top 5 topics that are covered:

  1. Key Factors in Choosing an Investment Fund Manager
  2. Why Do Real Estate Funds Outperform
  3. Private Equity Fund Due Diligence
  4. Understanding Private Equity Fund Documents
  5. How to Search for the Best Real Estate Fund

If you are seeking generally higher returns and lower risk from real estate fund investments rather than the usual single-asset real estate syndication and crowdfunded deals, then you should consider learning more about how CityVest structures its investments in real estate private equity funds. 

And if you want to go straight to CityVest’s current real estate fund offering, you can find it here: CityVest Access Fund

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