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How to Get the Gold Key

Here’s how Signalis players can find the Gold Key, one of the keys to open the 5-lock door.

Signalis is an indie survival horror game that features many puzzles required to progress further in the story. The game is heavily inspired by the classics of the genre from the original PlayStation era, such as Silent Hill and Resident Evil. Veteran survival horror fans are sure to enjoy the several in-game references and allusions to their favorite series.

Players are given control of Elster, an android looking for her lost partner on a desolate frontier planet. Once the early sections of the game are completed, players enter the hospital area. In this area players, are tasked with finding five key cards to open a 5-lock door. One of these is the Gold Key, and here’s how to find it.


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Get The Video Cassette In The Sleeping Ward


Players will need to have already completed the Water Pump Puzzle to descend to the flooded area of the hospital. The Flooded Corridor has one enemy patrolling it. Once Elster is in the Flooded Corridor, the player can guide her to the Flooded Office to save and pick up the Exam Room Key for a different puzzle. The Flooded Store Room contains the blank key for another seperate puzzle as well.


For now, players should prepare and reload their pistol/shotgun before heading through the northwestern door and entering the Sleeping Ward with a mostly empty inventory. The Sleeping Ward contains two repair patches, five 10mm pistol rounds, six 12mm rounds, and the Video Cassette. When picking up these items, four enemies will come up through the floor. The shotgun can easily take out a couple at a time if lined up correctly.

Go to ICU 01


With the Video Cassette in Elster’s inventory, she needs to ascend back to the main floor. Head back to the Flooded Corridor and through the southwest door. Enter the Pipe Room and climb up to unlock a shortcut, as there is more to do on the Flooded Floor later.

Once players are back on the main floor, they must cross the West Corridor, enter the 5-Lock Door room, and traverse the East Corridor to finally arrive at the South Corridor. There are two enemies in this hallway, but they can be avoided by quickly ducking into the first door that leads to ICU 01.The ICU room contains a patient file and a few pages of Alina’s diary hidden in the darkened corner. At the top of the room is a video monitor where the Video Cassette can be viewed.

Enter the Train


While viewing the cassette, the player will find themselves in one of the many first-person segments in Signalis. Simply walk across the train towards the white-haired girl sitting alone.

The train lights will flicker, and the girl will disappear. This leaves the Gold Key behind where she was sitting, and the player can pick it up to add it to their inventory. Once Elster picks it up, she will return to ICU 01 automatically.

Signalis is available now for the PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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