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In loss to Chiefs, the Jaguars giveth and taketh away

KANSAS CITY — Coming to an Arrowhead Stadium venue that might be the toughest environment in the NFL for opponents changed nothing about the prevailing theme of the 2022 Jaguars.

Doug Pederson and his coaching staff have put together an improved product that is good enough to compete almost every game, but the players have yet to seize those big moments that translate into winning.

As together and united as the Jaguars profess to be in their pursuit of a common goal, there is almost no yin-yang to them on game day.

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One of many reasons the Jaguars weren't good enough to beat the Kansas City Chiefs is Josh Allen (41), seen here trying to get around offensive tackle Orlando Brown, is they never sacked quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

This much is clear about the season’s 10-game sample size so far: the Jaguars talk incessantly about the importance of playing complementary football, yet almost never do it.

What the Kansas City Chiefs did in a disjointed 27-17 victory over the Jaguars was expose them as the undeniable pretenders they are at the moment.

It’s a respectable team, an organization run far more competently than last year, but one that can’t stop finding ways to fall short.

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