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Introducing Toastbusters, a ‘Ghostbusters’ inspired bourbon

Throughout the years, we’ve reported on countless unofficial Ghostbusters brews, usually providing fans with an adult-based beverage of their beloved Hi-C Ecto Cooler or a marshmallow-tasting concoction that help conjure up memories of Mr. Stay Puft.

Today, we’re back, reporting on yet an alcoholic offering that takes inspiration from the 1984 comedy, but this time, it isn’t beer, instead bourbon whiskey, with Frootbat and Red Line teaming up to produce the aptly named Toastbusters.

The description for Toastbusters reads:

“The first ever Frootbat single barrel pick, the ‘Toastbusters’ Red Line Toasted Barrel is an extremely limited single barrel bourbon whiskey, aged 6 years and bottled at a punchy 118-proof.”

So what does a bottle of Ghostbust… err, Toastbusters, taste like? The notes include campfire-like marshmallows, toasted nuts caramel, burnt sugar, a creamy vanilla palate of cocoa and toffee, and even toasted nuts and cereal.

Said to be limited to merely 114 bottles, the 118-proof, 6-year-old single barrel select is a rare, one-off release and has been painstakingly selected by the expert team at Frootbat in collaboration with Red Line.

Given its availability through Frootbat, unlike some of the past alcohol we’ve featured, Toastbusters can be shipped to the vast majority of locations within the United States, with the price currently marked down to $119.99 per bottle, available now.

Special thanks to Ghostbusters News reader Brendan Mahoney for the heads up!

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