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Jim Beam Is Offering Hug-Simulating Pajamas to Make the Holidays Even Sadder

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Jim Beam knows that everyone needs a hug. Preferably from another person, but sometimes we have to make do with what we have. So this Christmas, the bourbon whiskey maker is providing a substitute in the form of a pair of tartan pajamas (and its soothing spirits).

Jim Beam

On Wednesday, the Kentucky distillery announced its uniquely strange new product, the “Kentucky Hug” Holiday Pajamas. Here’s how Beam explains the name:

A “Kentucky Hug” is a well-known term among bourbon lovers and Jim Beam fans alike, and this holiday season, the brand is turning the phrase into a reality with a limited-edition holiday pajama set equipped with a built-in “hug simulator” so you can send a cozy hug to anyone you’re missing this season.

Beam explains that its unisex, small to XXL PJs simulate the sensation of a hug “by applying weighted pressure on specific points around your neck, shoulders and back to replicate the feeling of an in-person hug.”

Jim Beam’s Senior Brand Manager of North American Marketing, Sarah Cordova, explains that the company wants “to foster that spirit of connection despite the barriers we might face this time of year. Whether it’s your best friend from college or a long-distance relative, we hope you share the gift of a Kentucky Hug.”

“Kentucky Hug” Holiday Pajamas are on sale — while supplies last — for $24.99 at

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