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Jura Whisky Bottles Community Spirit in Global Campaign

Jura is the UK’s number one selling malt whisky but, having also made big strides in the US and Europe over the last few years, they have a global goal in mind. In response, Mr. President has developed a global TTL campaign which launches in the UK this Friday (16th September 2022). 

What is uniquely interesting about Jura is that it is made on a tiny island community of 212 people – all of whom lend a hand in adding unique character to the whisky. Therefore Mr. President has created a campaign around the idea of ‘More than a whisky’ – because it’s not just liquid inside – it’s bottled community spirit. 

Building on the thought that all of the community ‘lend a hand’, the campaign captures the journey of the bottle – being passed through the hands of all of those islanders that help make it what it is before it sets off from the Island. 

The bottle sits at the centre of the frame throughout the film surrounded by evolving, meandering textures of people, places and the beautiful rugged landscapes of Jura. It is passed through various hands in preparation for its bigger journey to distant shores. The piece match-cuts through various people at different stages of the journey to create an enticing visual effect. 

The campaign also stretched beyond TV into OOH, social, digital, instore. This has led to a campaign plan that works hard at key moments of the year and flex across product variants (all while building the brand). 

Jon Gledstone, chief creative officer at Mr. President said, “Jura has such a unique story to tell. So often alcohol brands are searching from protagonists from afar – it is so special to have this built-into the brand of Jura. Given the role that the community plays in making and distributing the product itself, we felt it only right to hero them and the incredible landscape of Jura, in the campaign.” 


Creative agency: Mr. President

CEO: Claire Hynes

CSO: Nick Emmel

CCO: Jon Gledstone

Creative: Anders Wendel

Creative: Elliot Tiney

Business Director: Jamie Longstreet

Account Director: Julia Fish

Producer: Daniel Healey

Programme Director: Becky Ormrod

Designer: Alice Kumagami

Designer: Simon Jefferis


Client: Whyte & Mackay

Global Brand Director: Steven Pearson

Head of International Malts : Kirsteen Beeston

Senior Global Brand Manager International Malts: Stephanie Blacnco Jurado

Brand Communications Manager: Rachel Sweeney

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