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La Société des Vins et Eaux de Vie Partners With Rauw Alejandro to Create Honey & Co.

La Société des Vins et Eaux de Vie, a highly pursued custom cognac maker established in the Charente region on France in 1830, has announced the release of a new liqueur, Honey & Co. in partnership with musical artist, Rauw Alejandro. Honey & Co. combines the depth of natural honey and freshness of a ginger distillate, blended with Very Special cognac (VS). Made with traditional methods, Honey & Co. showcases the aromatic richness of the iconic French grape spirit, with an innovative approach to liquor.

Honey & Co., also referred to as “MÃS MIEL” which means “more honey” in Spanish, is a partnership between Rauw’s love of honey and its significance to his music career with SVE’s aspirations to constantly craft exciting new products. The Puerto Rican-born icon has long praised honey for its natural medicinal benefits, drinking his own special concoction of honey, tea and ginger to soothe his singing voice before performances. After shows and in social settings, Rauw found that readily available whiskey products were lacking aromatic complexity and approachability and became motivated to create something new.

“I have been searching for a liquor that will completely satisfy my personal taste so when the opportunity to partner with a century-old French cognac company came up, I knew this was the chance to create something special,” says Rauw Alejandro. “Honey & Co. combines my love of honey with the legendary taste and style of Cognac. I also added just a hint of ginger, to give it a final kick. The result is mind-blowing, there is nothing like it under the sun.”

As a centennial boutique cognac maker, SVE consistently searches for ways to innovate, working closely with global avant-garde tastemakers to push their craft to new frontiers. Julien Nau, 6th generation owner and CEO led a team in the creation of Honey & Co. which combines SVE’s traditional know-how with a progressive mindset.

“Our House has been family owned and operated for generations, so by nature we want to explore new approaches to our craft while also respecting our traditions,” says Nau. “We wanted to partner with a contemporary tastemaker, someone who could help us rejuvenate our ways of thinking and working. With Honey & Co. the entire process from liquid to bottle was a collaboration between Rauw and SVE, and the result is better than we could have ever imagined.” Nau insists that the result is not a ‘flavored’ cognac or a new cognac recipe, but truly a first-of-its-kind liqueur.

Honey & Co. was first released and distributed in Puerto Rico in August by Coca-Cola Puerto Rico Bottlers. Limited quantities will be available in the US in select states for an SRP of $35.

About SVE

La Societe des Vins et Eaux-de-vie (SVE), established in the Cognac region, France, since 1830, is a boutique Distillery, producing, aging, and blending super-premium spirits for generations. Located in the heart of Cognac’s vineyards, they have perfected their craft through time to reach excellence and become one of the most respected players beyond the major Cognac Houses. Headed by 6th generation, Julien Nau, SVE caters to the most demanding customers globally, tailoring one-of-its-kind liquors the same way bespoke Perfume Houses would craft a fragrance.

About Rauw Alejandro

Rauw Alejandro (born Raul Alejandro Ocasio Ruiz) is a Puerto Rican singer and songwriter. He is as famous for his innovative, self-choreographed dance as he is for his smooth tenor singing voice. Since releasing his acclaimed debut mixtape, Punto de Equilibrio, in late 2016, he became a featured collaborator with charting performers. These collaborations resulted in Alejandro being nominated in four categories for Puerto Rico’s Tu Musica Urban Awards in 2019, and paved the way for his debut studio album, 2020’s Afrodisíaco. In June 2021, Alejandro released Vice Versa, drawing widespread critical and chart notice after incorporating electro, drum’n’bass, neo-disco, and mainstream pop into his new brand of reggaeton. Rauw released his third album studio, Saturno, on November, 11th, 2022.

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