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Lamar Odom Wanted To Win Gold So Bad Used A Fake Dick To Pass A Drug Test For The Olympics

Lamar Odom has one of the craziest lives of all time. He went from a star player in the NBA, to making cameos on Entourage for having great calves, which was then followed by the downfall of dating Khloe Kardashian and then becoming a drug addict. If you have time a lot of his stories are insane, but I am not here to summarize. I just can’t believe there really are fake dicks out there that can pee. I thought that was a myth form Entourage when Billy Walsh gives Vince a fake dick to pass his drug test. 

Shannon asked some good questions like how did they not look at it and see. What a job that has to be in sports just sitting there looking at every players’ junk making sure they pee for the drug test. Imagine it just was a pink dick like coming out of Lamar Odom? I almost feel like you can’t even say anything, I would feel like shit maybe he just has a different dick. Especially if something is coming out of it I would have to re-think the mens private area a lot more. Start thinking do I have a weird one? I just wouldn’t think anyone in their right mind would ever try that, but the reality was that Lamar really wanted to play in the Olympics. 

He also went into how embarrassing it was to win the Bronze medal and that is why Coach K is the best coach to live. Larry Brown was the coach of 2004 Olympics team and to lose with Lebron, Carmelo and that team is sad but this blog isn’t about that. I think I would rather be caught with a fake dick than lose with that team. That is looked at as one of the biggest failures and at least if you go caught with the pink dick you wouldn’t be remembered for that. 

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