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Live updates, scores from quarterfinals



  • No. 1 Bolivar 69, No. 8 Ash Grove 46
  • No. 5 Sparta 60, No. 4 Ozark 57
  • No. 2 Republic 62, No. 7 Hillcrest 55
  • No. 3 Hartville 55, No. 6 Camdenton 41

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Final Hartville 55 Camdenton 41

Bolivar will take on Sparta while Republic will take on Hartville on Wednesday night for a trip to the Blue Division championship. Camdenton suffers its first defeat of the season.

Hartville’s Jalon Cryer finished the game with 20 points.

4Q 2:35 Hartville 47 Camdenton 39

Lakers aren’t making much of a dent into the Eagles’ lead late. A Hartville vs. Republic semifinal appears to be in the works.

End 3Q Hartville 40 Camdenton 33

The Eagles are still playing tough defense while Camdenton is facing the threat of its first loss of the season.

Halftime Hartville 28 Camdenton 24

Hartville went into its keep-away offense and didn’t get many good looks to where Camdenton went on a little run before the end of the half. Still a good game.

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