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Macallan and Whisky Samba collaborate for tango of taste

Macallan collaborates with Whisky Samba for its first ever limitededition pairing menu in the country

Chumki Bharadwaj

ISSUE DATE: Jan 2, 2023 | UPDATED: Dec 25, 2022 11:30 IST

Avocado tartare served with truffle cheese and baked beets on sago pearls poppers

Avocado tartare served with truffle cheese and baked beets on sago pearls poppers

Whisky Samba is the kind of place that holds a democratic appeal: You can retire to a relatively quiet corner, nursing your favourite poison as you unwind to the 90s music that plays in the early hours. Or you can choose to arrive closer to the witching hour, where a large part of the cavernous space becomes hostage to techno on the turntable with a dance floor in the forecourt. Either way, the food and drink are worthy companions. While it’s easy to understand why this restaurant & bar is one of the most sought-after in Delhi-NCR, wrapping your head around the logic of a place like this serving up a curated five-course pairing menu is a tad tougher. Macallan is a whisky that inspires a certain laid-back self indulgence, for which a frenetic bar space seems incongruous, especially when paired with a multicourse menu. But both whisky enthusiasts and gourmands can rest assured since the bespoke menu accentuates the blissful union of classic Macallan style and the unmistakable sweetness of sherry-seasoned American oak in which the whisky is matured.

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