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New bourbon boutique opens in Downtown Neenah

NEENAH (NBC 26) — Downtown Neenah has welcomed a new business.

“We buy and sell retired whiskey barrels and bourbon barrels,” said Brian Duncan, store owner.

It all started six years ago with 11 whiskey barrels in a driveway.

“Those sold immediately, so obviously that there’s a need in the area, or a want because it’s very unique,” said Andrea Simonis, store designer.

Grainworks Old and New specialize in custom-engraved bourbon barrels.

“They’re all ex-bourbon barrels and can only be used once,” said Chad Duncan, store owner.

For them, once isn’t enough. They take the old barrels and turn them into something new.

“It became very popular, and it’s turned into this. So now they have this bourbon barrel boutique that has the whiskey barrels, the signs, and an engraver to do custom engravings,” said Simonis.

They sell more than just whiskey barrel decor.

“We partnered with Benshot, which is a local company in Appleton, and got the idea to put a whiskey barrel in a glass. And because we thought of it, we’re the only place you can get them in the whole world actually,” said Simonis.

From barrels to barrel heads, to unique glasses, Grainworks Old and New has it all.

“We’re hoping that this just continues to allow the business to grow. It started in a driveway, to a storage unit, to a warehouse, and now to this beautiful building,” said Simonis.

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