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New Liberty Distillery Announces Launch of Bloody Butcher Sour Mash Straight Bourbon Whiskey

New Liberty Distillery, the Philadelphia craft distillery and home to spirit lines including the now-revived heritage Kinsey brand, is thrilled to announce the release of Bloody Butcher Sour Mash Straight Bourbon Whiskey, aged for three years and distilled using heritage grains including bright-red Pennsylvania corn varietals, malted rye, and malted barley. The spirit, made using a sourdough starter from local breadbasket High Street Philly, is now available for purchase across Pennsylvania via online shipping, on-site in the New Liberty Distillery bottle shop, at New Liberty Distillery’s satellite bar and bottle shop location titled The Bar Cart located in Reading, PA, and at Art in the Age, located in the Old City neighborhood of Philadelphia.

With the newest iteration of Bloody Butcher Bourbon, the Sour Mash rendition, distillers utilized the traditional sour mash technique with a unique twist, creating a riff on the dunder pit fermentation process used in many excellent Jamaican rums. Spent mash from a previous batch of staple Bloody Butcher Bourbon is allowed to sour in open barrels, then, a sour dough starter from local breadbasket High Street Philly is added, and left to ferment and produce wild esters. After fully fermenting, the liquid is double pot distilled and rested in a 53-gallon new American charred oak barrel.

Robert Cassell, Owner and Master Distiller of New Liberty Distillery and CEO of Millstone Spirits, is working to bring Pennsylvania back to the forefront of bourbon and whiskey prominence with Bloody Butcher Bourbon, the celebrated, history-rich bourbon made exclusively with PA heirloom corn and heritage grains. He commented, saying:

“We had always planned to create different riffs on our staple Bloody Butcher Bourbon, it was just a matter of when,” said Robert Cassell, Owner and Master Distiller of New Liberty Distillery and CEO of Millstone Spirits. “I’m thrilled to put out the Sour Mash version especially because of all the local tie ins: the sourdough starter from High Street Philly, the rye and barley from Deer Creek Malthouse, and the Bloody Butcher corn itself from Castle Valley Mill.”

Ringing in at 47.5% (95 proof), Bloody Butcher Sour Mash Bourbon is now available in a 200ml size for $24.99 across the state of Pennsylvania. Created from a base of 70% Bloody Butcher corn, 27% malted rye, and 3% malted barley, the spirit pulls aromas that are reminiscent of leather tobacco pouches, pound cake, and dried leaves. Its palate notes are hearty, with starting hints of spice that round off into a warm autumn reminder of an apple cinnamon donut, dusted with nutmeg and crystalized sugar. Bloody Butcher Sour Mash Bourbon is best enjoyed sipped neat or in a number of classic bourbon cocktails.

New Liberty Distillery Bloody Butcher Bourbon celebrates the United States’ early agricultural heritage. In the early 1800s, European settlers in the southern United States blended their corn with a native variety, resulting in Bloody Butcher corn: instantly recognizable for its striking deep red kernels and legendary fruity, buttery flavor. Unsuitable for industrial scale farming, this heirloom variety is grown by very few farmers in the United States. To make Bloody Butcher Bourbon today, distillers source Bloody Butcher corn from Castle Valley Mill in Doylestown, PA, just 25 miles from the distillery’s flagship South Kensington location, and combine it with malted rye and barley from Deer Creek Malthouse located in Glen Mills, Pennsylvania.

Full information on Bloody Butcher Sour Mash Bourbon listed below:

  • Age statement: Aged for three years in new American charred oak barrels
  • Ingredients: 70% Bloody Butcher Corn, 27% Malted Rye, 3% Malted Barley
  • Spirit Type: Bourbon
  • ABV: 47.5% (95 proof)
  • Bottle Size: 200ml
  • SRP:  $24.99
  • Distribution: PA Direct to Consumer

In other exciting news from Millstone Spirits Group, the ownership arm of New Liberty Distillery as well as revived heritage brands such as Kinsey and ready-to-drink canned cocktail line, ALCO Liquor Company: Earlier this year, the company acquired Faber Distilling and all assets of Midnight Madness Distilling LLC. The 1.4 million dollar winning bid acquires the Pennsylvania powerhouse’s line of Faber Liquors as well as two high-speed bottling lines, 160,000 square foot production facility, the craft spirits group amassing an impressive 12 medals at the ADI2022 International Spirits Competition.  and even a piano. Additional information and full press release available upon request.

Additionally, Robert Cassell and Millstone Spirits Group are pleased to announce?two-time Superbowl Champion, former Philadelphia Eagle, and noted philanthropist, Malcolm Jenkins, as a newly appointed Board Member and Investor along with his holding company, Malcolm Inc. With two-time world champion and venture capitalist Jenkins joining the ranks of Cassell and Millstone Spirits, the duo has plans to develop and distill a bourbon aimed at highlighting the disparity and lack of diversity plaguing the craft spirits industry by sourcing barley, wheat, rye, and corn exclusively from Black and Brown farmers. Additional information and full press release available upon request.

About New Liberty Distillery

New Liberty Distillery is located in a vibrant South Kensington neighborhood at 1431 Cadwallader St., just minutes from Center City. The original building once served as a stable, and much of its architecture, including the horse stalls, have been preserved. The building now provides a home to New Liberty Distillery’s custom-made still, as well as the rick house where the distillery’s whiskey is barrel-aged.?

In addition to the working distillery, New Liberty Distillery also features a robust bottle shop where guests can sample and purchase spirits. The New Liberty Distillery Heritage Collection and New Liberty whiskeys, spirits-related gifts, and other locally sourced products can be purchased in the retail space.?

New Liberty Distillery is the wheelhouse of industry vet, esteemed Master Distiller, and distillery president Robert Cassell, and produces award-winning craft spirits such as New Liberty Distillery Bloody Butcher as well as the revived heritage Kinsey brand. New Liberty’s core spirits provide us with a window into Pennsylvania’s distilling past, to the state’s historical relevance as the birthplace to American whiskey at a time when rye was the most popular whiskey in the United States. All of the whiskies in New Liberty’s core range are made with local grain from a farm located just 25 miles from the distillery.

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